Tony DeZuniga in critical condition and needs your help.

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Hey All
I hate to report this, but Tony DeZuniga is in extremely critical condition in the hospital in the Philippines.
I’ve been in contact with his wife Tina, and she provided me the following update Friday night:

It’s really tough since Tony doesn’t have insurance here. The medication is very expensive and hospital bill is paid cash 90% Our daily bill is around $1,500 even if we have some money it’s drained out already. I have a house here but the process of getting a loan would take time and I can’t be gone long away from the hospital.
As for Tony’s condition, I will give you a brief history and update – he had a stroke in the morning of Tuesday last week (we’re 16 hours ahead) The stroke damaged the brain. it has bleeding inside and they need to open up the brain but with so much medication they were able to stop the bleeding but the brain was swollen so they need to take the pressure out so they need to insert a tube to release the pressure but since I don’t want them to open up it created an hernia. His condition is so unstable. He got infection that they need to treat, his pneumonia, need to be watched because he’s having problem breathing and blood pressure on top of the heart. With too much medications his stomach bleeds. One on top of the other. Anyway. Any little help will be greatly appreciated.

I’ve been in touch with Neal Adams and he’s going to try to pull something together to help Tina and Tony.
I have some books signed by Tony on my website  I’ve been doing Doc Savage related collectibles to help Bob Larkin whose wife is suffering from brain cancer.
Tony signed book plates for the Showcase Doc Savage reprint from DC and I’ll donate 100% of the profits from the sale of the Showcase books to Tony as well as 50% of the profits for anything else on site that you purchase.
Tina also is hoping to be able to send scans of some of Tony’s art that she will sell to help with their bills, so please drop me a line to get on the list to be notified when I get them.
If you have any questions, please send them to me and I’ll provide updates when I get them.

Terry Allen

Jonah Hex #9

Jonah Hex #9


  1. Artista Sofre!

  2. Bless the Adams family.

  3. My best wishes to Tony DeZuniga and his family.

  4. Help the DeZuniga and his family.

  5. Oh wow so sad..prayers are with him

  6. So sorry to hear this sad news! I am hoping for full recovery…

  7. My heart goes out to Tony & Tina, they are such wonderful people, my prayers are with you.

  8. Very saddened to hear the news..Hope and oreay for a full recovery from one who deserves it…

  9. So sorry to hear this, I thought he was doing ok. After being on Facebook earlier this morning. I'll pass this onto to the pros I know. Get well soon & all my prayers & best wishes to the Dezuniga family.

  10. Thank you for the information. I sent a small gift as suggested to help with the medical expenses.

  11. Tony is one of my top favorite inkers of all time and, by all accounts, the nicest guy you could ever meet. Please pray for him and, if possible, send a donation to help him out.

  12. Very sad News. May Allah give Tony fast recovery, complete health and a very long and.

    healthy life

  13. Is there an Amazon hub for payment?

  14. My prayers and blessings are with his family now.

  15. Oh my god, I'm so sad about this bad new, Tony is one of the best artist from the populare culture. I'm not rich but hope some good people will help him and his family…
    God bless him…

  16. My best wishes, Tony.

  17. The big publishers should, in these moments, be present. The artists have contributed during his life to bringing hopes and joys to the fans and contribute financially to publishers. It is time that DC Comics and Marvel back thanks to the comic book artists.

  18. Força!

  19. Hopes for a full recovery.

  20. Gods watch over you and yours.

  21. They need money to pay for the hospital bills, not prayer

  22. They need money to pay for the hospital bills, not prayer

  23. Richard Francis Did you donate already??? Because I did

  24. This is very sad. My hopes and thoughts are with you all. I hope he recovers fully.

  25. As did I Richard Francis.

  26. Richard Francis I agree Richard, but they also could use our prayers also.

  27. ….my prayers go out to Tony DeZuniga for the help and full recovery….my best wishes to his family and friends.

  28. I'm with you Ben! Yes they do need prayer! God can heal dude and ain't no amount of money can do that! I'm with you Ben Torres! Fo' real!

  29. My prayers go out to you Mr. DeZuniga.

  30. Tony is such a great guy. I loved working with him for the cover of my Innocent GN. He is a master and in my prayers.

  31. Richard Francis Not appropriate Richard. Please, if you got to pick a fight do it elsewhere.

  32. Prayers for Tony and Tina!

  33. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers Tony.

  34. I'm sorry to hear about this. The U.S. Dept of State provides medical loans in an emergency situation. More information is here:
    Tina can contact the U.S. Embassy to see if they qualify.

  35. I just heard he passed away. Loved his work. He will be missed. Condolences to his family.

  36. Rest in peace, Tony DeZuniga.

  37. I recently learned of Tony"s departure. a very big lose for the comic industry.

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