Amazing Spider-Man 2 Has Its Electro

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Amazing Spider-Man 2 Has It’s Electro by Jerry Whitworth


Sony has confirmed Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained, Horrible Bosses) has been cast as Electro, Sinister Six stalwart and one of Spider-Man’s dimmest (but most powerful) enemies, in the sequel to Amazing Spider-Man. Powerline technician Max Dillon was repairing a powerline when a freak lightning storm transformed him into a living dynamo. Using his powers to steal money, Spider-Man battled the newly dubbed Electro defeating him with a fire hose (which shorted out the villain’s powers). Despite being ridiculously powerful (comparable to the X-Men’s Magneto in abilities and degree of threat posed), Electro was frequently outsmarted by Spider-Man (comically, on occasion with a bucket of water). One of Spider-Man’s earliest foes, Electro would join Doctor Octopus’ Sinister Six where, despite the group’s changes over the years, often included the electricity-based supervillain (Electro would join up with other groups, including against the Fantastic Four and leading a team against Daredevil). Electro would became a consistent threat to Spider-Man battling him over the decades though in recent years new depth was added to the character through his relationship with his girlfriend and admitting to have become bisexual after years of being incarcerated off-and-on.


Black Lightning

Black Lightning

The casting of Jamie Foxx as Electro draws allusions to DC Comics’ Black Lightning property (who inspired the creation of Black Vulcan, Mohammed Ibn Bornu, and Juice). Created by Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eeden in 1977, Black Lightning was one of the earliest African-American superheroes who was in reality Jefferson Pierce, a former gold medalist Olympian and high school teacher. Working in the toughest area in Metropolis, Pierce decided to begin fighting crime using a belt that allowed him to shoot electrical blasts. The character would go on to become quite prominent, joining the ranks of the Outsiders and later the Justice League of America. In 1993, Dwayne McDuffie, Robert L. Washington III, and John Paul Leon would create another African-American electricity-based superhero in Static who would gain fame in the animated television series Static Shock and will appear in the upcoming continuation of Young Justice. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Foxx cited Electro as “…a genius electrician-type person…” meaning the film’s Electro would likely be more in line with Magneto or a villainous Black Lightning in his portrayal.


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  1. This is going to be an ELECTRIFYING Good Time! Never have I seen a black super-villain on the Big Screen to battle a white Super-Hero. Let alone an OSCAR winner who played one of the greatest singing artists of all time, Ray Charles! ELECTRO! OH YEAH! BRING IT ON BABY!

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