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Awesome Commission Experiences


Would you like to add to this list? Submit your ACE or DIC report here.

• Rafael Albuquerque – Reported by Kevin Currie. “I contacted Rafael Albuquerque through his website about getting a commission. He contacted me within a week to ask me about my idea and told me once he was ready to do it he would ask for payment. A few weeks later, I receive an email from him with a rough outline of the piece saying he is ready to finish it once I send final payment. Days later he sends an email with a scan of the final piece. He told me he changed it from the initial layout he sent me and hoped I liked it. The final piece was outstanding. Total time about 5-6 weeks. If interested, he is now represented by Chiaroscuro Studios.”

• Darryl Banks
– Reported by Christopher Matusiak. “Took almost two years before his schedule opened up to do this, but when it did he had it finished in less than two weeks, and it’s one of the most beautiful pieces I have.  Well worth the wait.”
Links: Darryl Banks CAF

• Moose Baumann – Reported by John Burk. “He has done two commissions for me over the past year, and I was blown away by both!”
Links: Moose Baumann DeviantArt

• John Byrne – Reported by Keith McVay. “Contacted his art rep Jim Warden and got added to the commission list on 4 separate occasions. Wait time was about 2 months for completion and I had delivery each time within a couple of weeks after payment.”
Links: John Byrne Website

• Ben Caldwell – Reported by Hart Rieckhof. “Great communication; Very reasonable pricing; Completion varies from one to two months.”
Links: Official Home Page, Comic Art Community Gallery

• Ernie Chan (Deceased) – Reported by Jeff Scott. “I currently have 27 Ernie Chan commissions in my CAF. If that’s not a ringing endorsement I don’t know what is! Here’s the story how I came to acquire all these.. and still counting! Get yours today, I can’t recommend Ernie highly enough!”
Links: Ernie Chan Website

• John Dell – Reported by Scott a.k.a. KINGDINOSAUR. “Assignment: Inking Dave Ross’ pencils. Arranged: Mid October. Promised: Two weeks. Delivered: Early November.”
Links: John Dell CAF

• Luis Estrada – Reported by Phillip Anderson. “Luis Estrada has done a couple of pieces for me & both times I was really blown away.  If you see him at a show, you can’t go wrong.”

• Jay Fosgitt – Reported by Hart Rieckhof. “Great communication; received my commission in three days!”
Links: Official Home Page, Jay’s Blog

• Rick Geary – Reported by Rob Stolzer. “Rick was great to work with.  He’s done three commissions for me and I have a fourth in the pipeline.  His rates are very reasonable and he won’t take the job until he knows that he has the time.  He’s a true professional who does excellent work, with a reasonable turn-around time.”
Links: Rick Geary Website

• Paul Gulacy – Reported by Ben Herman. “I had a good experience getting a commission from artist Paul Gulacy earlier this year.  It was pretty much effortless.  From the time that Gulacy received my check in the mail to the time that he shipped out the finished artwork it must have been a little over a month.  And it probably would have been even quicker, but Gulacy already had two other commissions to do ahead mine, and he also was a guest at Comicpalooza in Texas.  So, yeah, very quick turn-around.  I definitely recommend getting something done by him.”

• Jesse Hamm – Reported by Hart Rieckhof. “Great communication; very reasonable pricing; Sent me a rough to approve. Received commission in one month. Highly recommended!”
Links: Official Home Page, Jesse’s Blog

• Dan Hipp – Reported by Hart Rieckhof. “Very busy artist. Great communication and reasonable pricing; Completion is usually one month.”
Links: Dan’s Blog

• Josh Howard – Reported by Kyle Davis. “Over the years I have commissioned well over 10 commissions from Josh Howard all of which can be seen on my CAF. It is always a pleasure working with him. He always knocks the pieces out of the park and goes above and beyond all my expectations. With each commission his art just gets better and better.  His communication is top notch and his prices are great.  I definitely recommend you get at least one piece by this awesome artist.”
Links: Josh Howard Website

• Josh Howard – Reported by Phillip Anderson. “Josh Howard always turns around quick, but completely finished commissions.  I get him to do something every time I see him & have never been disappointed.”
Links: Josh Howard Website

• Greg Larocque – Reported by Jeff Dodd. “Very professional and fast in delivering.”
Links: Greg LaRocque CAF, Greg LaRocque Facebook

• Bob Layton – Reported by Stuart Neft. “Just recently commissioned a cover recreation of Iron Man 150 from Bob, and things could not have gone any smoother.  Total time from the day I mailed out my check to him until the day I received the piece was 11 days. Bob was great to communicate with and kept me up to date with the progress although that pretty much consisted of e-mails saying “received your check today” and “It’s done”.”
Links: Bob Layton Website

• Joseph Linsner – Reported by Philip Anderson. “Joseph Linsner is always quick & delivers beautiful work.  He’s another person that I try to commission any time I get a chance.”

• John Lucas – Reported by Phillip Anderson. “If you are looking to get something slightly unusual & always fun, you should gt something by John Lucas.  I have a piece he did of Captain Marvel & Captain Marvel Jr. playing baseball in the sky.  I have a 2 page spread of dogs & an ape playing poker.  I have a beautiful Mary Marvel.  Lucas always comes through.”
Links: John Lucas DeviantArt

• Jay Leisten – Reported by Christopher Matusiak. “Inks over a Jim Cheung piece.  Very quick (I believe about 2-3 weeks) turnaround.” Please note Jay is also on the DIC list. Your milage may vary. – ed.
Links: Jay Leisten CAF

• Kirk Lindo – Reported by stextc. “Definitely recommended if you are interested in a commission. He draws beautiful women!”
Links: Kirk Lindo DeviantArt

• Lan Medina – Reported by Tim F. “There is usually a moderate wait list for Lan, and then the commission itself took a few months once I got off the wait list (then shipping). But despite it taking a bit, the result speaks for itself.”
Links: Lan Medina DeviantArt

• Pop Mhan – Reported by Tim F. “Had Pop Mhan do a watercolor commission of Zatanna for me. All I asked was that she be doing something “magical”. Amazingly, he turned it around in less than a week for me! I think the piece speaks for itself.”
Links: Pop Mhan DeviantArt

• Mark Morales – Reported by Phillip Anderson. “If you can get Mark Morales to ink a pencil piece for you, I highly recommend it.  He inked a Terry Dodson sketch that was fairly rough & the finished piece looks like a published Dodson pin-up.  He also did an awesome pencil ink & some color piece for me as well. Great talent, but an even better guy.”

• Eddy Newell – Reported by Scott a.k.a. KINGDINOSAUR. “Commission Arranged: April 2003. Commission Arranged: September 2004. Originally set up to be a color painting, Eddy was having difficulty satisfying himself on the look of the piece(s). I never viewed his early attempts. In June 2004, after a partial refund, Eddy agreed to trying the piece again in just black and white. The artwork arrived safely in early September 2004.”
Links: Eddy Newell Website

• Kevin Nowlan – Reported by Rob Stolzer. “I would have to say that my commission experience with Kevin was the best that I’ve ever had. It’s not just that he delivered an incredible drawing, but Kevin was a true professional throughout the process.  He would let me know what the status of the commission was.”
Links: Kevin Nowlan Blog

• Sean Parsons – Reported by Christopher Matusiak. “Hands down the best inking commission I’ve received, done over Billy Tan’s pencils.”
Links: Sean Parsons CAF

• Mike Perkins – Reported by Christopher Matusiak. “Asked him if he’d mind doing a head sketch and wound up with a beautiful nearly-two-character piece.”
Links: Mike Perkins Website

• Don Perlin – Reported by Christopher Matusiak. “Very easy to get in touch with, and the turnaround was only a couple of weeks.”
Links: Don Perlin CAF

• Dave Petersen – Reported by Milos K. “I commissioned Dave Petersen (of Mouseguard fame) at NYCC on 10/8/10 and paid up front for a piece to be completed after the show and mailed to me. Since the piece was to be a Christmas gift I specifically asked how long the turn-around would be and he said it would take about a month, true to his word the piece arrived about a month later and looked great.”
Links: Dave Peterson Website, Dave Peterson Blog

• Shelby Robertson – Reported by Jeff Dodd. “Shelby is one of the most underrated independent artists working in comics today. Delivery from sketch to finish was less than a month.”
Links: Shelby Robertson DeviantArt

• Ethan Van Scriver – Reported by Phillip Anderson. “I have gotten Ethan Van Scriver to do commissions for me three times & all three times he did something better than I had hoped.  He’s quick & the work is amazing.”

• Val Semeiks – Reported by Damon Owens. “One of the best-kept secrets in commissioned art is Val Semeiks. He’s done numerous commissions for me, all very reasonably priced and turned around in very timely fashion.”
Links: Val Semeiks Website

• Ty Templeton – Reported by Christopher Matusiak. “The first piece he sent had been damaged, so he actually took the time to redo it. One of the nicest and funniest artists out there.”
Links: Ty Templeton Website, Ty Templeton Facebook

• Will Terrell – Reported by Phillip Anderson. “Will Terrell may be better known as an animator these days, but he does wonderful commissions.  I have gotten him to do work in my sketchbooks & I have commissioned him to do advertising art & wine labels & he has done it all extremely well. He is a great guy & easy to work with.”
Links: Will Terrell Website

Deadbeats In Commissions

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