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Top 10: Comic Book Headquarters by Jerry Whitworth

Top 10: Comic Book Headquarters by Jerry Whitworth While most heroes lack a secret place to hang their hat, those that have headquarters hold the keys to a collection of their triumphs and defeats with a space to improve their derring-do. Of course, as we will discover, heroes don’t hold an exclusive market on secret hideaways. I should note, I chose to ignore cities, planets, and countries like Latveria, Atlantis, Asgard, Attilan, Themyscira, and Oa out of personal preference. 10. SANCTUM SANCTORUM Home to the Ancient One and his servant Wong, the Sanctum Sanctorum is an unassuming three-story townhouse in Greenwich Village marked by some arcane symbol in its loft window. The building would become headquarters to the Ancient One’s protege Dr. Strange, Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, and his Defenders. When one walks inside, however, the space is significantly more expansive than the borders seen outside. A veritably labyrinth of hallways and rooms, the structure was built atop a focal point of mystical energies that shifts with certain rooms always in the same place and others change through the passage of time. Some notable features include an expansive living room and adjoining library, a meditation room, Wong’s storage cellar, a room exclusively for the Orb of Agomotto, and a small courtyard.   9. S.H.I.E.L.D. HELICARRIER Built by Stark Industries and designed by Tony Stark, Reed Richards, and Forge, the Helicarrier...

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Power Rangers Turns 25

Power Rangers Turns 25 by Jerry Whitworth   Upcoming in 2018, the Power Rangers franchise turns 25 years old. As part of this advent, Boom! Studios will publish a crossover event beginning in March called “Shattered Grid” across its titles Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Go Go Power Rangers. Therein, comic book original character Lord Drakkon, an evil Tommy Oliver of an alternate dimension, will unleash his armies upon the Power Rangers leading to an assembly of Rangers and their allies from across time and space. The Power Rangers, of course, are no stranger to crossovers having hosted Masked...

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Top 10: Heroes Not Yet In The Justice League

Top 10: Heroes Not Yet In The Justice League by Jerry Whitworth   In its nearly six decades long existence, the Justice League has gone through many transitions. Big 7, Satellite, Detroit, International, Refuge, Extreme, Big 7 Redux, Pantheon, Leagues, Substitute, Elite, One Year Later, Super Buddies, Cry for Justice, New Generation, Generation Lost, and the myriad of Rebirth groups (Dark, International Redux, America Redux, United, America Redux Redux, and China) represent most of these changes in a roster of some approximately 200 individuals. However, despite so many versions over such a significant period of time, some heroes have...

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Legends of the DCU II

Legends of the DCU II by Jerry Whitworth   With Legends of Tomorrow approaching its third season premier, it seems appropriate to provide an update to the article “Legends of the DCU.” Therein, the history of DC Comics’ chronology was examined specifically focusing on the Stone Age, Ancient Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, Camelot, Carolingian Empire, American Revolution, Wild West, World War I, World War II, Skartaris, Gemworld, Great Disaster, 22nd Century, 30th Century, and the 853rd Century. Of course, these fifteen time periods only represent pieces of the larger puzzle making up DC’s history. So, we’re going to focus on...

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Top 10: Possible Power Rangers Crossovers

Top 10: Possible Power Rangers Crossovers by Jerry Whitworth   Set to meet its finale at the end of this month, Justice League/Power Rangers features a team-up between the two iconic superhero groups as they combat Brainiac and Lord Zedd. The six issue mini-series is the latest in a series of offshoots of Boom! Studios’ popular license of Power Rangers. Of course, the Power Rangers are no strangers to team-ups haven crossed over with Masked Rider for the three-part episode “A Friend in Need” of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers‘ third and final season and Marvel’s Masked Rider (1996) one-shot comic, Beetleborgs...

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Creator Profile: Jeff Parker

Creator Profile: Jeff Parker by Jerry Whitworth   Likely best known for his work in revitalizing nostalgic franchises for the modern day such as Agents of Atlas, Batman ’66, and Future Quest (featuring Hanna-Barbera’s action heroes), writer/artist Jeff Parker has been working in the field of comics since the mid-90s including creator-owned projects like Interman (2003), Underground, Bucko, and Meteor Men (2014). Raised in Burlington, North Carolina, Parker became a fan of comics while working for his father’s grocery store Chuck’s Curb Market (Chuck being Jeff’s grandfather). When he wasn’t busy racking redeemed soda bottles, Parker sat on the...

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