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Affiliated Sites

Affiliated Sites

These site are affiliated with Comic Art Community. Please expands your bookmarks to include these sites!

Al Rio Art

Al Rio is the artist I used to represent until his untimely death in Jan, 2012.
I still sell his original art and license his past work. Please visit the site and look around at items for sale to benefit the family.

Al Rio has worked for all the major publishers – Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, Wildstorm and many indies like Chaos and Zenescope.

View the Al Rio web site here:


Buy My Comics

This is the site where I sell my used comics. Comics I’ve read and handled and loved and cared for. Some just briefly. Others for a very long time.

Golden Age to Modern. EC to Zenescope.

Visit the site here:


Comic Art Commissions

A site for buyers to connect with willing and available artists! Buyers can browse or search or email me to get recommendations.

Artist can upload their profiles, samples and commission rates!

Visit the site here:


Comic Art Links Directory

The Comic Art Links Directory at lists many Artists, Publishers, Art Galleries, Art Sellers, Comic Art Resources and Comic Art Conventions.

Click here to view the site:

Directory Categories:

Published comic book artists.
Comic Art Galleries
Galleries of ORIGINAL Comic Art
Comic Art Sellers
Original Comic Art retailers.
Comic Book Images
Image galleries and tribute pages.

My Colorist

Thomas Mason is a professional digital colorist who has worked for many publishers include Marvel Comics on the upcoming X-Men #1 re-release.

Trust Thomas to get the job done professionally. Look at the images on the site for samples of what you can expect:



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