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Through the Ages: Transition in Comics – Part Three

Through the Ages: Transition in Comics – Part Three by Jerry Whitworth (see Part One and Part Two here if you haven’t already) DARK AGE During the Bronze Age, comic books began to make the transition from being sold at newsstands, convenience stores, and supermarkets to a direct market in comic book shops. As people began to stumble upon these stores, they would also discover that comics could be worth quite a profit as some books could be found selling for thousands of dollars. Word would spread and people began seeing comic books as savings bonds, buying and storing them like rare collectibles. Unfortunately, they failed to realize that those books going for thousands got that way because of managing to survive fifty years of being treated as disposable entertainment that was often thrown away or burned (with issues that survived generally being horribly mangled). Still, the industry took advantage, printing issues with multiple covers, sometimes with different cover art, other times with gimmicks like hologram stickers, glow-in-the-dark images, 3-D plastic pop-out items, foldout covers, and more. People were compelled to form “complete sets”, one book notorious for this was Chris Claremont and Jim Lee’s X-Men #1 (1991) which to this day remains the highest grossing single comic of all time making nearly seven million dollars and selling over 8.1 million units (and printed with five unique covers four...

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The Avengers: Who are Those Aliens?

The Avengers: Who are Those Aliens? by Jerry Whitworth The upcoming Avengers film is with little doubt going to be the blockbuster of the Summer 2012 film season. Sewing up Marvel’s previous films together to make a mega-film, Avengers follows the events of Thor (2011) where Thor’s shape-shifting, Frost Giant foster brother Loki fails to destroy his adopted home of Asgard and retreats to Earth, where he manipulates Thor’s ally and brilliant scientist Dr. Erik Selvig as he’s brought into S.H.I.E.L.D. to examine the Tesseract/Cosmic Cube. While Loki is the main antagonist of the film (shadowing a similar scenario...

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America, Japan, and Korea: A Cycle of Animation

America, Japan, and Korea: A Cycle of Animation by Jerry Whitworth The United States of America was one of the world’s leading developers into creating hand drawn animation, with Walt Disney an early visionary. Characters like Mickey Mouse, Felix the Cat, Betty Boop, and Popeye just a few examples of a new form of media brought to the big screen and later, when it was invented and made available to the public, for television. Some of the action provided viewers would partly be captured in the emerging American comic book market around this same time (developing into its own...

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Ninja Turtles: A Space Odyssey

Ninja Turtles: A Space Odyssey by Jerry Whitworth With the upcoming Ninja Turtles film mired in controversy after producer Michael Bay (director/producer for the Transformers film series) was quoted as saying the stars of the popular franchise were going to be aliens and may not even be teenagers, dropping both terms from the film title of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles title, we will examine some of the origins of the franchise and its Science Fiction ties. An unnamed young child was carrying his newly purchased four baby turtles from a pet shop when a truck comes out...

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Young Justice: Shedding Some Light on the Light

In the Young Justice television series, the main antagonist of the first season is a shadowy group of villains called the Light (instigating almost every conflict in the series). What makes this organization unique is that it doesn’t exist in the comic books. As in much of the series it is featured in, the Light is instead an amalgamation of several concepts.

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Young Justice: Preparing for an Invasion

Young Justice: Preparing for an Invasion by Jerry Whitworth The upcoming second season of Young Justice is subtitled “Invasion.” While few details have been released about the season, a recent panel at Wondercon revealed a coalition of aliens out to conquer Earth bringing characters like Lobo and Blue Beetle to the series. This revelation brings to mind the DC Comics event also named Invasion! (1988), scripted by the critically-acclaimed Bill Mantlo (ROM: Spaceknight, Micronauts, and Incredible Hulk), which featured nine alien races coming together as the Alien Alliance to destroy Earth, whose emerging metahumans posed a shift in power...

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