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Review: Iron Fist

Review: Iron Fist by Jerry Whitworth   Announced back in 2013, the final solo series in Netflix’s first wave of Defenders interconnected streaming shows would premier March 17th in Iron Fist. Following Daredevil (which has run two seasons thus far), Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage and set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Fist tells the story of Danny Rand, a young boy orphaned in a plane crash and adopted by monks. After fifteen years trapped in the mystical land of K’un L’un, Rand comes back to New York City to return to his former life wielding the powerful Iron Fist technique earned...

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Ninja Turtles: In Memoriam

Ninja Turtles: In Memoriam by Jerry Whitworth   Recently, Nickelodeon would announce the upcoming fifth season of the CGI-animated series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be the series’ last. Premiering in 2012, this third animated television series based upon the comic book created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird in 1984 was developed by J.R. Ventimilia, Joshua Sternin, and Ciro Nieli. Longtime television writers who have known each other for decades, Ventimilia and Sternin would depart the series after the first season leaving Nieli to be the primary vision for the show throughout its run. Likely best known for...

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Make It So: DC – The Manga Universe 2

Make It So: DC – The Manga Universe 2 by Jerry Whitworth and Matt Eldridge   Over three years ago, tackled a concept for a manga re-imagining of DC Comics. Characters such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Cyborg were given an Eastern spin with an inspired flair from the likes of Dragon Ball, Kamen Rider, Urusei Yatsura, Super Sentai, Durarara!!, and Astro Boy. Noted elsewhere (specifically several of the linked articles in the previous sentences), the connection between American and Japanese comics are not so vast. Indeed, Osamu Tezuka, the father of manga (and creator of...

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Let’s Get Dangerous: Interview with Aaron Sparrow

Let’s Get Dangerous: Interview with Aaron Sparrow by Jerry Whitworth   Aaron Sparrow, the writer for Joe Books’ Darkwing Duck series, corresponded with Comic Art Community about his career, his love of Darkwing, the return of the character at Boom! Studios and now Joe Books, and the future of the title. Aaron, for those that maybe unfamiliar with your work, could you tell us a little bit about your career up to this point? Aaron Sparrow: Career? Is that what we’re calling it? I usually describe it as a series of unfortunate events. (laughs) I joined Tokyopop...

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Megas XLR: Don’t Call It A Comeback?

Megas XLR: Don’t Call It A Comeback? by Jerry Whitworth   Everyone loves a comeback. Such is certainly true in Hollywood. One may only look at the last few years to realize this. In 2013, Arrested Development came back for a fourth season on Netflix with filming for a fifth set to begin any day now. Heroes came back as Heroes Reborn in 2015. X-Files returned for a tenth season last year. Fuller House, follow-up series to Full House, premiered on Netflix last year where two seasons have been released thus far and a third has been ordered. Twin...

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How I Would Have Done It: Super Powers

How I Would Have Done It: Super Powers by Jerry Whitworth   One of the most notable toylines of the 1980s, Kenner’s Super Powers featured action figures, vehicles, and a playset modeled after DC Comics properties. The Hanna-Barbera Super Friends cartoon was resurrected to bring the show to television as Jack Kirby (who was involved in the toyline’s development) contributed to several comic book adaptations. Both the toys and cartoon were modeled closely after the work of José Luis García-López who provided style guide art for DC beginning in 1982 (which was the standard look to be followed in the comics...

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