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Top 10: Developments for Batman ’66/Wonder Woman ’77

Top 10: Developments for Batman ’66/Wonder Woman ’77 by Jerry Whitworth   Announced in October 2016, the hit television series-turned-comic Batman will crossover with another hit television series-turned-comic in Wonder Woman for Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman ’77. Set to begin release digitally November 23rd and in print January 18th, the series will feature Ra’s al Ghul hiring Catwoman to steal a book for him in a story that will span decades as a World War II-era Wonder Woman met a young Bruce Wayne and beyond. The series will be co-written by Jeff Parker (Batman ’66) and Marc Andreyko (Wonder Woman ’77)....

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Top 10: New Characters for Young Justice

Top 10: New Characters for Young Justice by Jerry Whitworth   Announced November 7, 2016, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation’s critically-acclaimed, cult favorite multimedia franchise Young Justice will return for a third season despite being off the air for three years. Known for its extensive universe and expansive cast of characters, Young Justice balanced between an intense action/adventure and teen drama. Featuring the young partners of the Justice League, the teen heroes fought a shadow war against an ancient group of villains known as the Light whose reach extended across the Earth and beyond the stars. Little is as yet known...

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Review:’s Harley Quinn Choker

Review:’s Harley Quinn Choker by Jerry Whitworth   Following the popularity of the Suicide Squad at the box office, Harley Quinn has become a breakout star. With replicas emerging for items such as her baseball bat and bomber jacket, has produced a choker collar based on the one actress Margot Robbie wears in the hit motion picture. Headquartered out of Houston, Texas and established in 2011, produces film replicas for accessories and apparel from James Bond, Doctor Who, Doctor Strange, and more. The product is shipped in a resealable cellophane slip where the choker itself is contained in a...

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Review: Luke Cage

Review: Luke Cage by Jerry Whitworth   On September 30th, Netflix would release the first season of its third Defenders series in Luke Cage. The series comes after the release of two seasons of Daredevil and a single season of Jessica Jones (as Iron Fist and The Defenders will emerge next year with a third season of Daredevil, second season of Jessica Jones, and series order for The Punisher down the line). Following the events of Jessica Jones, the eponymous star of Luke Cage returns to Harlem to try and clear his head only to get pulled into a conflict with a...

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Review: Elvis Adventures #1

Review: Elvis Adventures #1 by Jerry Whitworth   Elvis Presley is perhaps one of the most revered musical icons in the past century. Well past his death in 1977, the so-called “King of Rock and Roll” is still ever present in our consciousness as he has time and again been adapted across various mediums. Such has even included the realm of horror in the 2002 film Bubba Ho-Tep. Featuring Bruce Campbell of Evil Dead fame as the King, the movie (based on a 1994 novella by Joe R. Lansdale) centered around an elderly Presley living in a retirement home...

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Review: Oathbound #1

Review: Oathbound #1 by Jerry Whitworth   Fusion fiction is a growing genre in recent years uniting several different genres together in a single work that readily do not generally align. Such an example is that of the new comic book series Oathbound. Created by Kevin Cuffe (Iron Skull, Elvis Adventures) and Paul Gori (Astropunk, Psychopath) and published through Loophole Comics, Oathbound pairs together the genres of Fantasy and Western. Set in the late-19th century American west, the story centers around half-elven teenager Viola and her human father Cole Jamison in the wake of a civil war that saw...

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