Chikara rosterIn addition to the videos, Chikara hosted an interactive alternate reality game. Icarus appeared at what was supposedly going to be a Chikara event before being canceled and gave out t-shirts. Some fans found fliers from Condor Security on the front doors of their homes warning they were still watching. Chikara hosted a free guerrilla-style match at FDR Skatepark in Philadelphia with Icarus, assailANT, Hallowicked, Kobald, and Los Ice Creams until being interrupted when Condor Security showed up and kidnapped a fan named Thom. Fans had to use social media and smart devices to go on a scavenger hunt across the city of Philadelphia to find clues and collect evidence against Titor to help Icarus save Thom. In the end, Thom was found and Titor’s secrets were revealed. Titor was a malevolent company that made money from human suffering, Condor Security actually a private mercenary firm that did their dirty work. They had planned on destroying Chikara to use their property for a white supremacist compound they planned on building. Their plans out in the open, Titor quickly sold off Chikara. As these events unfolded, Dr. Cube II and the Gekido tried to finish off Wrestling is Fun! only for a baseball bat-wielding Icarus to foil their plans. Everything came to a head at Wrestling Is Heart’s National Pro Wrestling Day event.


Blackest NightThe first National Pro Wrestling Day was held in 2013 in Philadelphia with representatives from twenty different promotions (including Chikara, its various “Wrestling Is” entities, and KBB). The second NPWD was hosted by Wrestling Is Heart in Easton, PA and was considerably more low key than the previous year (2013 had something like twenty five matches spread over an entire day, 2014 had eight). However, the finale was highly touted. The main event was interrupted by many of the Rudos that attacked the “Wrestling Is” promotions, apparently led by a wrestler named Jimmy Jacobs who identified the small army as The Flood, come to wipe out what was left of Chikara. Icarus lead Hallowicked and his students and the Colony to oppose them. assailANT was given one last chance by deviANT to join him, assailANT choosing instead to stand with the Colony and Chikara. Hopelessly outnumbered, everything seemed grim until Dr. Cube’s minions unmasked to reveal Chikara’s other Tecnicos. A huge brawl erupted and it looked like Chikara wouldn’t be strong enough to win. Doors to the auditorium opened as a DeLorean pulled in, Archibald Peck and 3.0 coming out to turn the tide and beat back the Rudos. Icarus held up a sign reading “5/25/14” as he said “Tell them! Tell the world! We’re coming back!” With the Flood sent packing, a new main event took place with Icarus, the Colony, and the Osirian Portal taking on Los Ice Creams and the Batiri. In another Ashes video, Fire Ant and Green Ant approached assailANT to ask why he chose to fight for Chikara. assailANT showed them a picture of his newborn baby and said he had to set a good example. The pair handed him Worker Ant’s costume.


Grand Champion IcarusAfter almost a year, Chikara returned with its fifth iPPV You Only Live Twice (the start of a James Bond theme for season thirteen). The event revealed wrestler Robbie Ellis had purchased Chikara and that Icarus and Eddie Kingston would have their long anticipated rematch. In the end, Icarus (in a new The Greatest American Hero-inspired costume) became the second Chikara Grand Champion. The Colony (with Green Ant transitioning into Silver Ant) would take on The Colony Xtreme Force and see Soldier Ant return, only now as a Rudo out to get the Colony. The big reveal, however, was the leader of the Flood: Deucalion, the Titan of Titor, emerged and killed Kobald. Chuck Taylor would share the following month that the Swamp Monster was dead. The same day, Mike Quackenbush returned reinstated as the Director of Fun. At another event, the Flood would lose a ten man tag and Deucalion appeared again, this time killing deviANT. Deucalion would go on to take another victim a month later in the Throg-inspired Estonian ThunderFrog (of the fan favorite Baltic Siege which included the aforementioned Latvian Proud Oak with Lithuanian Snow Troll). That same event, Eddie Kingston joined the Flood under the promise he would regain the Grand Championship. A number of competitors from Wrestling is Fun! graduated to Chikara such as the Dragon Ball-inspired Shynron, Juan Francisco de Coronado, Lester Crabtree’s nephew Ashley Remington, and the Bloc Party (Polar Baron, Proletariat Boar Of Moldova, Brown Morning Of Belarus, Prakash Sabar, and Mr. Azerbaijan).


Cibernetico ForeverIn the evolving field of entertainment, comic books are becoming the go to source for Hollywood’s blockbuster films and hit television shows. Mike Quackenbush has cited the Marvel Cinematic Universe as an inspiration to him (some recent Chikara videos so far as opening with flipping pages of stills from matches akin to Marvel’s moving film logo with comic book pages before moving on to a Lego Movie theme), the lifetime comic book fan attempting to evolve the artform of professional wrestling with his little promotion founded on fast-paced, colorful action, multifaceted entertainment with comedy and heart, and involving storylines that blur the lines between reality and fantasy. Admittedly, not all wrestling fans will be attracted to the work being produced by Chikara. Quackenbush proudly proclaims that WWE produces the popular flavor of ice cream and that what he wanted was to make his own flavor, something different than what everyone else was making. Chikara is a unique blend of styles from around the world, mixing American, Mexican, Japanese, and European wrestling into something special. To see if any live events are coming to a town near you, check out Chikara’s upcoming events page, Wrestling Is Fun!’s upcoming events, and Kaiju Big Battel’s upcoming events. To see if Chikara might be something you’d be interested in from the comfort of your home, check out their YouTube account (as well as Wrestling Is’ account and KBB’s account). To purchase Chikara’s DVDs and streaming videos, go here (WiF!’s here and KBB’s here). For the latest news on Chikara, follow them on Twitter. Chikara t-shirts are available here and their graphic novel here.