King of Trios 2009 Night 2Mike Quackenbush pushed UltraMantis Black about why he got Shane Storm to betray him only to learn Black sought an ancient artifact called the Eye of Tyr. The Eye could enslave the minds of others and Black learned it was in Dr. Cube’s possession. Cube was a fan of Chris Hero and wanted the Rudo to come work for him for a while. So, Black learned the secrets of the Chikara Special to get Hero to join Cube and in turn gain the Eye. As the Order of the Neo-Solar Temple was reduced to just Black and Crossbones following the loss of Donst and Hydra, Black used the Eye to gain control of the powerful Delirious (taking away Hallowicked’s friend and partner a delicious treat). However, Black would be hounded by the mysterious cyborg Vökoder and an unnamed masked man as the former warned the Eye must be passed on to another lest it bring ruin to Black and the latter that a war was coming.


King of Trios 2009 Night 3Meanwhile, the Colony had lost Worker Ant to injury but soon another rose to their side in the mighty Green Ant. Some time later, another ant unknown to the Colony would arrive in the form of the mysterious Carpenter Ant (who went on to win the Torneo Cibernetico mysteriously using the inverted Chikara Special). Sara Del Rey (Sara Amato in WWE) and Daizee Haze would combat each other repeatedly, largely because there were few women left in Chikara. Following Player Dos winning the Young Lions Cup, a feud started with his tag partner from the Super Smash Brothers in Player Uno. Dasher Hatfield would find a tag partner in Sugar Dunkerton (a 1970s basketball player) to form the Throwbacks. Donst and Hydra’s animosity reached a fever pitch when the pair fought in a “Loser Leaves Chikara” match with Hydra losing. Several events from throughout the year culminated in the season finale. The masked man who warned of a coming war came to the ring as the locker room emptied. Mike Quackenbush addressed the mystery man who then called down UltraMantis Black from the commentator stand, the Rudo anxious to finally learn what was going on himself. Removing his mask, the man was revealed to be Ares, Claudio Castagnoli’s original tag team partner when he came to the United States. Quackenbush turned to Castagnoli (who stood beside him in the ring) as the latter delivered a European uppercut. Ares, his bodyguard Tursas, Claudio Castagnoli, Carpenter Ant, Vökoder, Sara Del Rey, and Daizee Haze decimated the assembled ranks of Chikara. Carpenter Ant unmasked to reveal Pinkie Sanchez (a wrestler who premiered the previous year and couldn’t find a tag partner he could trust during season eight) as Vökoder was revealed to be Tim Donst (who took the Eye of Tyr which still controlled Delirious). The group identified itself as Die Bruderschaft des Kreuze (“The Brotherhood of the Cross”), or BDK for short.


King of Trios 2010Drawing parallels to the New World Order (nWo), it seemed like the BDK were taking over Chikara during the break between seasons. A new section was added specifically for the group as it noted another member of the stable was yet to be publicly admitted. The while, a new Director of Fun was assigned (the position generally deciding whom battled whom in matches) as Leonard F. Chikarason, who held the job since its creation, was replaced by Dieter VonSteigerwalt (identified as a Chikara Wrestle Factory trainee, the character was in reality played by the performer who was Hydra), a representative for the BDK. At the season nine premier, BDK’s eighth member was revealed to be Lince Dorado, a popular Tecnico luchador and El Pantera’s student that performed consistently for Chikara for the previous three years (Dorado making the reveal by turning on his stablemate Equinox from The Future Is Now). The season opener would be a clean sweep for the BDK, each member pulling in a win over their individual matches (including Tim Donst winning the Young Lions Cup from Player Dos). The stable would introduce their own announcer in Jakob Hammermeier as Ares revealed the Eye of Tyr belonged to his father. Ares and Claudio Castagnoli would go on to fight for and obtain the Campeonatos de Parejas. The pair plus Tursas aimed for the King of Trios next winning the tournament thanks to the introduction of their own personal referee Derek Sabato. That same weekend, the Chikara Board of Directors hired an internal auditor named Wink Vavasseur. UltraMantis Black would publicly take responsibility for the formation of the BDK, claiming it was now his duty to defeat the stable. Following this, he began being joined by two mysterious hooded figures. Around this time, Chikara introduced its latest reoccurring event in Chikarasaurus Rex.


Reality Is RelativeThe BDK would suffer their first major setback when Frightmare defeated Lince Dorado for the 2010 Young Lions Cup. The event was the beginning of their fall as BDK faced a team of Chikara’s Tecnicos and Rudos (forced to band together against the threat the promotion faced) at Torneo Cibernetico where Eddie Kingston came out on top. Close to the end of the season, UltraMantis Black would finally reveal his hooded companions as the Batiri, a powerful tag team (and Wrestle Factory graduates) made up of Kodama and Obariyon he planned to use to destroy Ares. However, the plan backfired when the Batiri’s master summoned them back when Black needed them. In the season finale, the Batiri’s master was revealed to be Sinn Bodhi (Kizarny in WWE) who offered their services to Black in exchange for the Eye of Tyr. When Black was unable to supply it, Bodhi ordered his minions (now joined by Kobald) to beat him (Black would be saved, miraculously enough, by Incoherence). Later that night, Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw faced Ares and Castagnoli for the tag titles coming out on top as the new champs. The BDK was stripped of all power and Wink Vavasseur was named the new Director of Fun.