Grimm Fairy Tales #96Grimm Fairy Tales #96 – A Tale by Fire and by Ice
Reviewed by Jessica Curtis

Writers: Spay and Glade
Pencils: Osuna
Colors: Aroujo

The story starts off with Baba Yaga in deep contemplation and meditation as she makes every attempt to restore her second sight. It is in her meditation that she finds clarity and realizes that the future holds nothing more then a promise of darkness and fire. The fire that we find is Baba Yaga’s captive, Helios. Sela believes that Helios is the prisoner of Baba Yaga, yet Helios has made the decision to imprison himself.

Helios with Baba Yaga’s assistance has locked himself away to control the flame within. Before a fight between Sela and Baba Yaga can escalate due to the misunderstanding, Helios intervenes to separate the women. This is certainly for the best given the sudden appearance of Koschei.

Grimm Fairy Tales #96The artwork and color palette is hued in grim, ashen, and hazy shades that seem to invoke the promise of a bleak future. A bleak future that of course is courtesy of the Age of Darkness. The arrival of Koschei and the development of his character do more then just prelude to the body count that he has sworn to deliver to the Dark Queen. To destroy Sela and Baba Yaga and to release the Dark Horde is just an instigation in hopes of Helios rising once more to his full potential.

The story continues to be action packed and filled with familiar faces from the Myths and Legends genre of Grimm Fairy Tales. The Age of Darkness continues to beckon and challenge all of the characters on both sides leaving the reader to wonder if the Dark Queen will succeed especially when pitting ladies of Fire and Ice against each other.

Grimm Fairy Tales #96The color contrast for the fight scene of Gina and the Winter Witch is beautifully done. With every scene the writers and artists do not fail the reader or leave the reader without wanting more when reaching the final page. Issue #96 just leaves me eager for the additional issues that will lead up to Issue #100, which we all know in the way of Zenescope is bound to be epic.