NIGHTWING #15NIGHTWING #15 Review by Jamie Dunst

Kyle Higgins: Writer; Eddy Barrow; Artist; Eber Ferreira: Inks; Rod Reis; Colors; Carlos M. Mangual; Letters; Greg Capullo & FCO Plascencia: Cover

So, it’s Nightwing’s turn to get tormented by the Joker and holy cow, does he get it good from him in this issue. We start off with the Joker offing Jimmy the Clown and leaving him for the circus people and Dick Grayson to find Jimmy is discovered having ingested the Joker toxin so he looks like the Joker and he’s got a sign attached saying “Nobody likes a knockoff”. Realizing that none of the circus performers are safe, Dick has them all leave town for their own safety. However, Sonia Zucco decides to stay in town which Dick doesn’t like but can’t do anything about it and they wind up getting closer. However that’s all interrupted by the Joker.

Nightwing enters an abandoned building where he finds Raya who has been effected by the Joker toxin and attacks Nightwing. Te battle doesn’t last very long as Raya can’t handle the Joker toxin and dies but not before telling Dick how sorry she was about everything. It’s as Nightwing is mourning the loss of another friend that he sees an invitation written on Raya about Amusement Mile and Hayley’s Circus and the issue ends with Dick racing to Amusement Mile to save his friends and employees.

I don’t know what to say about this issue except it was freaking intense. Between the writing and the art, there was just nothing to complain about this issue and it felt like everything was building to this going all the way back to #1. I cannot wait to see how this all ends for DIck but having heard an interview with Kyle Higgins, you can bet it’s not going to end very smoothly and the effects of the next issue is probably going to weigh very heavily on Dick going forward. I can’t wait to see what happens next.