A powerful telepath in the employ of Queen Bee, Psimon repeatedly clashed with the Team becoming something of a nemesis to Miss Martian for Young Justice. In the comics, Psimon was a founding member of Dr. Light’s Fearsome Five (something of an anti-Teen Titans group) who, while under the influence of the demon Trigon, supplanted Light as the group’s leader. To a large degree, Queen Bee’s primary operatives in Young Justice are an allusion to the FF having also included Mammoth and Shimmer (while Light and Gizmo were swapped out for Devastation and Icicle, Jr.). While Psimon was never a member of the Suicide Squad, the character carries such a reoccurring presence in Young Justice that it almost begs for him to return to the show (especially when one considers he was captured by the Team due to his drugging by Tigress).




One of the founding members of Darkseid’s elite Female Furies, Lashina assumed the mantle of leadership when Big Barda defected to Earth to be with Mister Miracle. This new role, however, did not sit well with fellow Fury Bernadeth who sought that position of power for herself. Thus, on a mission to reacquire Glorious Godfrey who was captured by the US government and placed in Belle Reve, Bernadeth betrayed her leader and marooned Lashina on Earth. Feigning amnesia, Lashina adopted the name Duchess and became an operative for the Suicide Squad. The Apokoliptian became a valuable member of the team taking part in every mission that followed, the entire time biding her time until an opportunity presented itself to return to Apokolips. Eventually, Duchess would acquire the means to return home bringing her teammates with her. Gaining her revenge on Bernadeth by taking her life, Duchess would swiftly be destroyed by Darkseid for bringing off-world pests to Apokolips without permission. Darkseid would subsequently resurrect both Lashina and Bernadeth who assumed mutual leadership of the Female Furies.




When you talk about the Suicide Squad, a handful of names immediately come to mind. One such name is Captain Boomerang. A mascot for selling toy boomerangs, Captain Boomerang turned his talent for hurling the Australian weapon to crime becoming one of the most reoccurring foes of the Flash (so far as being a founding member of the Rogues, arguably the most notorious team of supervillains in comic book history). Boomerang went on to become a founding member of the Dirty Dozen-inspired version of the Suicide Squad and had one of the most prolific runs of anyone in the group. While one might assume Boomerang’s experience in the Rogues would make him an exceptional team player in the Squad, the villain instead often times endangered the group with his many mistakes, goading fellow members, and having no regard whatsoever for his allies. As such, Boomerang was often the object of ridicule among the Squad, especially by fellow team cornerstone Deadshot who could not stand his teammate.