A member of the royal family of Vlatava, Count Werner Vertigo sought to capture the throne for himself thus aligning with the Light toward such a purpose for Young Justice. Vertigo would act as a willing patsy for the Light in the Injustice League aware that his diplomatic immunity would guard him against prosecution. However, when his designs on the throne were revealed, that immunity would be revoked and Vertigo would become incarcerated at Belle Reve (becoming a somewhat nemesis to Kid Flash). One of the most prolific members of the Suicide Squad in the comics (despite not being a founder as most other long tenured associates like Rick Flag, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, or Bronze Tiger), Vertigo underwent a transformation as a somewhat misguided enemy of Green Arrow into an anti-hero demonstrating his nobility as something more than a birthright but an inherent character trait. In fact, when Vertigo had served his time to be awarded freedom, he chose to remain instead as a paid operative like Bronze Tiger or Nightshade (and to a lesser degree, Deadshot).




Son of ice-themed supervillain and highly respected criminal Icicle, Icicle Jr. is an ongoing disappointment to his father that nonetheless tries to win his approval in Young Justice. Forming a crush on Tuppence Terror (actually Miss Martian in disguise), Junior was part of the Light’s plan to free the prisoners of Belle Reve to replace warden Amanda Waller with Hugo Strange. However, Superboy (disguised as Tommy Terror) manipulated Junior into actually helping to stop the breakout. Junior would become an ongoing foe of the Team, developing a rivalry with Superboy, working as an operative for Queen Bee and was part of a strike force led by Kaldur’ahm alongside the Terror Twins and Tigress to capture Blue Beetle. In the comics, Junior went simply by Icicle and was a member of several legacy versions of the Injustice Society. In time, Icicle developed a romantic relationship with fellow legacy supervillain Tigress and the pair formed a mercenary duo (later bearing a daughter in Isabelle Rose).




Daughter of assassins Sportsmaster and Huntress (and sister of assassin Cheshire) in Young Justice, Artemis was raised to follow in her family’s footsteps only to learn her mother wanted something different for her youngest child. When the Huntress was crippled on an assignment, she took the fall for her husband and upon her release, made clear to Sportsmaster she wanted Artemis to abandon the lifestyle. Having overheard this conversation, Artemis decided to secretly fight crime eventually being drafted into the Team under the guise of Green Arrow’s niece. Artemis became a valuable member, revealing the truth of her past as part of a plan to take down the Light. Although initially having a crush on Superboy, Artemis would fall in love with Kid Flash and the couple retired from the superhero game. However, when duty called, Artemis assumed the guise of Tigress and became a double agent within the Light under Black Manta (more accurately, Manta’s son Kaldur’ahm who was the Team’s leader and left to destroy the Light from within). Kaldur and Artemis’ ruse would bear fruit but sadly, Kid Flash would apparently lose his life in the final battle with alien invaders the Reach. With Kid’s death, Artemis decided to remain Tigress to distance herself from her memories of Kid but remained on the Team as of the second season finale. Tigress’ role in a possible Suicide Squad appearance for Young Justice could pay homage to several Squad members such as Bronze Tiger (who was brainwashed into becoming an assassin and worked on the Squad as penance), Speedy (an interim replacement for Rick Flag for one mission), and Katana (who accompanied the Squad against Daichi-Doku’s Oyabun and became a prominent Squad member in the comics following her casting in the live action film). In the comics, Tigress was a member of several legacy versions of the Injustice Society that formed a romantic relationship with teammate Icicle (resulting in the couple forming a mercenary duo and bearing a daughter in Isabelle Rose).