The world’s deadliest assassin, Deadshot would be hired by Queen Bee to wound Sumaan Harjavti in Young Justice. In the aftermath, Deadshot was badly beaten by Superboy but saved by Superman and taken to a hospital. In the comics, Deadshot is synonymous with the Suicide Squad. Originally a seeming rival to Batman, the character faded into obscurity until re-branded decades later as a master assassin. The character’s most significant journey came as a founding member of the Dirty Dozen-inspired version of the Suicide Squad where he delivered the deathblow to Darkseid’s creation Brimstone and went on to be the Squad’s most prolific member. Depth was given to the character as having experienced immense emotional trauma as a youth resulting in self-loathing and a death wish. Seeking a mother and brother figure to replace those that he lost, the Squad became Deadshot’s family as Amanda Waller adopted the role of mother and Rick Flag in the position of brother. As Deadshot’s brother was the most significant figure in his life, he would seek out new brother figures in the wake of Flag’s apparent death eventually finding Catman to fill that void. Deadshot would become one of the most complex, multi-faceted characters in comics as playing both the part of cold-blooded killer and anti-hero seeking the approval of others (despite pushing those others away out of self-loathing).


Honorable mentions: Nightshade, Killer Croc, Bronze Tiger, Red Arrow, Arsenal, Cheshire, Blockbuster, and Katana.