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Silverfish GalleryWhy silverfish?!...
1995. John Q. & Crazy Bob sitting around one day talking comics & storage and how collectors hate to see silverfish anywhere near their collections. One of us (I don't remember - Bob might - doesn't really matter) said "Wonder why no one ever did a comic about silverfish?" Comics + silverfish = it seemed like a natural (to us, at the time, anyway.) So we went ahead and started a mini-comic and the silverfish were born.

A CBG comic by Mark Martin discussing ways to get rid of silverfish indirectly started the Gallery. I wrote Mark some phoney baloney "cease & desist" letter about using "our" bugs and he sent back his wonderful "Call Off Your Hounds" piece which I consider the first "celebrity silverfish". Seeing that, I wondered if other artists might wanna draw a silverfish for us and, sonuvagun if they didn't start saying "sure!" The results are a fine collection of silverfish which can be seen at

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Silverfish Chic
Silverfish Chic
Jeffrey Jones silverfish
Jeffrey Jones silverfish
John Sauer silverfish
John Sauer silverfish
David Ho silverfish
David Ho silverfish

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