Arthur Adams

Art AdamsArthur (Art) Adams was born in 1963 in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Art began drawing at an early age, with the majority of his pictures being of King Kong, monsters, and dinosaurs. His first art sale was a 'Farrah Foxette' pinup for CAPTAIN CARROT & HIS AMAZING ZOO CREW. Roy Thomas called him personally and offered him $10 for the piece, which Art accepted. From there, Art kept practicing and honing his skills, and it wasn't until he glimpsed issue #1 of MICRONAUTS, illustrated by Michael Golden, that Arthur decided we was going to become a comic book artist. His other influences included Bill Sienkiewicz, Walt Simonson, and Barry Windsor-Smith. In the 1980's Art landed the gig as penciler of a limited series from Marvel called LONGSHOT. From there, his popularity began to skyrocket. He has freelanced for numerous companies including Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse. He has drawn everything from the X-MEN and the FANTASTIC FOUR, to BATMAN and SUPERMAN (fighting vampires no less). Ever a fan of giant apes, Art Adams even created his own comic, MONKEYMAN & O'BRIEN. He has also had a love affair with monsters, and has penciled numerous monster-themed comic books, including THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. Arthur, the ever-adaptable artist, has also found time to work at America's Best Comics on such characters as TOM STRONG and JONNI FUTURE. His art can also often be found on posters, cards, shirts, as well as on numerous advertisements. His versions of WOLVERINE are extremely popular.

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*Art's photo courtesy of Julian Cash  Bio kindly provided by writer Hal Hilden

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