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April Parker

April Parker

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Description: April Parker, Mayday/Spider-Girl's possible clone turned "cousin".

When May Parker was born, Norman Osborn secretly had her cloned. Then he kept one of the pair and placed her into a stasis chamber for years. He then had the girl merged with a genetically engineered symbiote. The result was a Spider-Girl/Symbiote hybrid with all the super-human abilities of both. This symbiote was never sentient so the girl never had to deal with a second consciousness in her mind. This new hybrid was all a part of Osborn's master plan to be reborn into an immortal Goblin Creature. He used the hybrid to fuse his mind with the bodies of May Parker, Peter Parker, and his symbiote hybrid creation. After the ensuing battle in their collective consciousness, the Parkers' proved victorious and the hybrid decided to join their family. She then named herself "April" as a play-on-words with her "sister" May. She then enrolls in the same school as Mayday calling themselves "cousins." It has yet to be determined which girl is the clone and which is the original - April or May.

Ron Frenz

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