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Description: Convergence by Carlo Pagulayan and Stephen Segovia
Parallax Green Lantern Aquaman Steel Azrael Az-Bats AzBats Batman Justice Society of America Earth-2 Flash Jade Obsidian Power Girl Flashpoint Captain Capt. Cold Reverse-Flash Professor Zoom Wonder Woman Aquaman Earth-3 Crime Syndicate Ultraman Johnny Quick Superwoman Power Ring Owlman Earth-4 Atom Question Blue Beetle Penguin Batman Joker Poison Ivy Vampire Earth-43 Earth-50 Grunge Fairchild Gen¹³ Deathblow Rainmaker Earth-97 Earth-9 Superman Justice Riders Earth-18 Hawkman Kid
Date: 11.05.2014 02:08
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Keywords: Pagulayan, Segovia

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