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Description: SOLO #1
Written by Tim Sale, Brian Azzarello, Jeph Loeb, Darwyn Cooke, and Diana Schutz
Art and cover by Sale

What happens when some of the most talented artists in comics are free to unleash their creative vision across 48 pages? The answer is SOLO, a unique new bimonthly series that showcases the best of the best of the biz!

Unfettered by the constraints of a regular monthly series, SOLO’s artists work in a variety of genres — using whichever characters — they wish! SOLO debuts in style with fan-favorite artist Tim Sale (CATWOMAN: WHEN IN ROME, BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN) in an issue that features a must-read follow-up story to SUPERMAN FOR ALL SEASONS (written by Jeph Loeb), a Catwoman/Batman tale (written by Brian Azzarello), a Supergirl adventure (written by Dark Horse Comics editor Diana Schutz), and more!

Future SOLO issues will feature such A-list talent as Richard Corben, Paul Pope, Howard Chaykin, Jordi Bernet, Mike Allred and Darwyn Cooke.
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