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All New X-Men Review

All New X-Men Review : Where the Past Meets Its Future By Jerry W. Vandal Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Pencils: Stuart Immonen Inks: Wade Von Grawbadger Colorist: Marte Gracia In 1963 Stan Lee and Jack Kirby brought to the world a group of individuals with uncanny abilities unlike any of the other heroes that would become stalwarts in the Marvel Universe. What differentiated these individuals was that their powers were not freak...

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SPIDER-MEN #3 OF 5 Review

SPIDER-MEN #3 OF 5 Review by Jamie Dunst Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Artist: Sara Pichelli; Colorist: Justin Ponsor; Letterer: Cory Petit; Cover Artists: Jimmy Cheung & Justin Ponsor; Variant Cover Artists Sarah Pichelli, Rainier Beredo, Terry and Rachel Dodson So when last we left our Amazingly Ultimate Spider-Men, they were having a heart to hear talk when Mysterio shows up to cause some trouble.  The younger and less...

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The Power Of Conviction Man

The Power Of Conviction Man by Jerry W. Vandal NOTE: This was written in 2010 for Marvel’s Avengers Day which celebrated the relaunch of Avengers. When Marvel announced that Brian Michael Bendis would be starting a new Avengers book entitled “New Avengers,” there was fear he would JLAize the Avengers team the way Grant Morrison had done in JLA in 1997. Longtime Avengers fans feared that the team would become solely comprised of the...

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Through the Ages: Transition in Comics – Part Four

Through the Ages: Transition in Comics – Part Four by Jerry Whitworth (see Part One , Part Two , and Part Three here if you haven’t already) MODERN AGE While Grant Morrison and Alex Ross helped nudge a new direction in the comics industry, they certainly didn’t get there alone. Two men who helped push this new direction to what it is today are Geoff Johns and Dan DiDio. Johns was an up-and-comer in the film industry mentored by...

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