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The Incredibles May Be Going Galactic

The Incredibles May Be Going Galactic by Jerry Whitworth   Ten years ago, Brad Bird gave the world one of the best superhero films it has ever seen (then or now) in The Incredibles. Telling the story of a family of superheroes in a world that feared their kind, their patriarch Mr. Incredible is duped by wealthy and eccentric inventor Buddy Pine into helping him perfect the Omnidroid (a series of robots that nearly secretly wiped...

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Make It So: Classic Marvel Animation on DVD

Make it So: Classic Marvel Animation on DVD by Jerry Whitworth   Between the DC Comics Classic Collection and Warner Archive Collection, fans of classic DC Comics programs can have almost everything the company has produced for television on DVD for their collection. If you’re a fan of Marvel on the other hand, you’re not so fortunate. While Marvel has definitely become better about releasing older material such as...

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Top 5 by Jamie Dunst

TOP 5 by Jamie Dunst Who are your favorite superheroes?  Favorite artists?  Favorite ships?  Weapons?  Everyone makes top lists.  I remember reading the novel HIgh Fidelity and the characters of the book would make top 5 lists.  I listen to a podcast where they make top 5 lists and another podcast where they sometimes list the 5 top books they would keep in their pull list if they had to cut their reading pile to just 5 books.  I love...

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Top 10: Rogues Galleries

Top 10: Rogues Galleries by Jerry Whitworth For the American comic book, superheroes reign supreme. It doesn’t matter if it’s DC, Marvel, Image, or any of the indies. Throw a cape or mask on someone and you got a much better shot than virtually anything else. But, superheroes are useless without another key component: supervillains. Alien invasions and gangsters are great padding, but we read comics to see colorful...

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