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Hawkeye #6 Review

Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Comic Art News | 0 comments

Hawkeye #6 CoverHAWKEYE #6 Review by Jamie Dunst

Matt Fraction: Writer; David Aja: Arist; Matt Hollingsworth: Colorist; Chris Eliopoulos: Letterer; David Aja: Cover

This issue is called “Six Nights in the Life of Hawkeye” and it’s basically what you get. We see Hawkeye dealing with all kinds of things from Thursday, December 13th to Wednesday, December 19th. During these 6 days, we see Clint deal with all kinds of things from having to unpack and decorate his apartment to untangling electronic wiring to fighting A.I.M agents and once again dealing with those annoying Russian mob guys who say “Bro” twice in every sentence. I love how the days are out of order so you can see the effect in one day and how Clint got there in the following page. It’s something that Matt Fraction uses in this book a lot and it really works here.

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Top 5 by Jamie Dunst

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TOP 5 by Jamie Dunst

Who are your favorite superheroes?  Favorite artists?  Favorite ships?  Weapons?  Everyone makes top lists.  I remember reading the novel HIgh Fidelity and the characters of the book would make top 5 lists.  I listen to a podcast where they make top 5 lists and another podcast where they sometimes list the 5 top books they would keep in their pull list if they had to cut their reading pile to just 5 books.  I love top 5 lists because I think they make for great conversation starters.  I always wonder why someone would put comic book X in their list and why they didn’t have comic book Y.  I also feel it’s a great way to get to know a person’s interests and likes when it comes to these lists.  So, to start things off, I am going to begin with a top 5 list that I had just mentioned.  TOP 5 COMICS THAT I WOULD HAVE TO KEEP IN MY PULL LIST:

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Top 10: Avengers Members

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Top 10: Avengers Members by Jerry Whitworth


Avengers by George Perez

Avengers by George Perez

The Avengers are Marvel Comics’ premier team of heroes (though the X-Men and Fantastic Four could also meet criteria for this claim, with the idea in mind several from both groups have been members of the Avengers) combining together the best of the society of super-heroes that protect Earth from alien invasions, the folly of man’s science, mystical threats from beyond, and evil given birth upon Earth itself. Threats like the Kree, Skrull, Ultron, Kang, Dr. Doom, Thanos, Count Nefaria, and the Masters of Evil have traded blows with these heroes only for time and again these guardians to come out on top. Listed below are those considered the best of the many heroes to count themselves among the Avengers.

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