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Top 10: Marvel Studios Films

Since choosing to independently produce and finance its own film properties in 2004, Marvel Studios has forever altered the landscape of the film industry. Borrowing a concept from its comics to tell an ongoing narrative in an interconnected continuity, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a juggernaut at box office producing an impressive array of hit films (as well as television series).

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Captain America – Recruiting for a Civil War

It’s challenging to distinguish what out of all of this news and rumors has the most buzz, but perhaps the most inquired aspect of this information is the details of the announced Captain America: Civil War. Thus far, we know elements of the Civil War crossover will be adapted putting Captain America and Iron Man at odds while Black Panther will make his first appearance in costume in the film. However, the question several fans have posed is if there exists enough established characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to support such an ambitious project.

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