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NIGHTWING #15 Review

NIGHTWING #15 Review by Jamie Dunst Kyle Higgins: Writer; Eddy Barrow; Artist; Eber Ferreira: Inks; Rod Reis; Colors; Carlos M. Mangual; Letters; Greg Capullo & FCO Plascencia: Cover So, it’s Nightwing’s turn to get tormented by the Joker and holy cow, does he get it good from him in this issue. We start off with the Joker offing Jimmy the Clown and leaving him for the circus people and Dick Grayson to find Jimmy is...

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STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION/DOCTOR WHO: ASSIMILATION2 #8 Review by Jamie Dunst Scott & David Tippen: Writer; Gordon Purcell: Pencils; J.K. Woodward: Painter; Tom B. Fong; Lettering; Jacen Smith: Assistant Editor; Denton J. Tipton: Editor This issue starts off where the last one left off with the away teams of Worf, Amy, Rory and some security guards about to enter the engine room with a ton of Borg while at the same time...

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Hawkeye #6 Review

HAWKEYE #6 Review by Jamie Dunst Matt Fraction: Writer; David Aja: Arist; Matt Hollingsworth: Colorist; Chris Eliopoulos: Letterer; David Aja: Cover This issue is called “Six Nights in the Life of Hawkeye” and it’s basically what you get. We see Hawkeye dealing with all kinds of things from Thursday, December 13th to Wednesday, December 19th. During these 6 days, we see Clint deal with all kinds of things from having...

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Fantastic Four #2

FANTASTIC FOUR #2 Review by Jamie Dunst Matt Fraction: Writer; Mark Bagley: Penciler; Mark Farmer & Mark Morales: Inks; Paul Mounts with Wil Quintana; Colorists; VS’s Clayton Cowles: Letterer; Bagley, Farmer & Mounts: Cover The issue starts off with Ben Grimm on Yancy St. yelling at the Yancy Street gang to protect their block while he’s gone or else. It was two pages long which totaled 9 panels and I loved every...

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BATGIRL #15 Review by Jamie Dunst Gail Simone: Writer; Daniel Sampere: Pencils; Vicente Cifuentes: Inks; Ulises Arredia: Colorist; Dave Sharpe: Letters; Ed Benes & Ulises Arredia: Cover This issue starts off right where the last one left off with Batigrl facing off with the Joker with Barbara’s mom tied up and Joker proposing marriage to Batgirl. The confrontation between Joker and Batgirl gets pretty intense at times with...

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