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Ms Marvel #1 Review

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Ms Marvel #1Ms. Marvel Issue 1 Review

Where Conflicted Teen Tries to Find Her Place
By Jerry W. Vandal

“You thought that if you disobeyed your parents—your culture—your religion—your classmates would accept you. What happened instead?” — Captain America in Ms. Marvel Issue 1

With its wave of new Marvel Now! titles the comic book publisher has decided to tackle something that has always been an uphill battle in the comic book industry—diversity. The women of Marvel are getting a shot at the spotlight including Black Widow, Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Elektra. With Ms. Marvel Marvel isn’t just looking to boost their female heroic count, but also add a young Muslim girl to the mix. And the above quote is a great example of how this book plans to promote diversity by building up a connection between Kamala (the new Ms. Marvel) and the reader.

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Casting KRAVEN

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The Hunter Should Take a Shot at Hollywood
By Jerry W. Vandal

Spider-Man is held tightly in the grasp of the Vulture as he flies low through the car packed streets of New York City. A news crew is bobbing and weaving through traffic as it attempts to keep up with the embattled foes. Vulture releases Spider-Man into the trunk of a car causing the arachnid hero to collide into and bounce defenselessly to the ground. The Vulture flies slightly overhead and grins victoriously. And then he looks up to see a silhouetted man barreling towards him. The burly man latches onto Vulture with a bear-hug like hold and drives the winged criminal onto the hood of a taxi (insert an appearance of Stan Lee as he peaks out of the window of his now wrecked cab). Vulture is out for the count.  

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From Blind Devil to Dark Knight

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Affleck as BatmanFrom Blind Devil to Dark Knight: Why There’s Possibility for More Than Failure For Affleck
By Jerry W. Vandal

“Nobody panics when things go according to plan, even if the plans are horrifying. If I tell the press that tomorrow a gangbanger will get shot, or a truckload of soldiers will get blown up, nobody panics. But when I say one little old mayor will die, everyone loses their minds!” –Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight

On August 22nd the Internet became as antagonized as Arkham Asylum inmates when the Batman arrives for a talk with one of the inmates. The news – Ben Affleck will be donning the cape and cowl of the caped crusader. There was a list of actors being rumored for the role – Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Orlando Bloom (imagine the Internet on that), Joe Manganiello (Tru Blood) and John Hamm (Mad Men). Warner Brothers and director Zack Snyder decided to go with a choice people weren’t exactly prepared for when they cast Ben Affleck. I’ll go ahead and stop there for a moment to either allow your need to punch someone for such an ignorant decision or your indifference which has by now become, “Jesus, somebody tell these guys to bleeping relax.”
Now here are some reasons why at the very least as comic book fans we shouldn’t immediately condemn Warner Brothers for this casting.

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X-Men #1-3: Primer

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X-MenX-Men #1-3: Primer
Where the X-Women Continue to Do What They Best by Jerry W. Vandal

“know what would make your all-female book better? Some male characters”-20% of the emails I’ve gotten.-

That was a tweet Brian Wood put up months before the relaunch of X-Men # 1, a book that looked by solicitations to differentiate itself from the other X-titles by showcasing a team comprised of only female X-Men. The picture was eye-catching as most of Oliver Coipel’s work is. Part of the appeal was clearly meant to be that above the X-Men logo stood six women. But, the bigger appeal to me was the cast of character. Six characters I’ve come to like and/or love over the years on a team together had the potential to be a good read. I wonder if any other book outside of the X-verse could have pulled this off without it feeling like a publicity stunt. There are the Fearless Defenders, Bird’s of Prey, there was Danger Girl and there’s been a few others—but none that have the spotlight the X-Men, Avengers or Justice League have. I can’t see an all Avengers female team working or even a Justice League. That could just be my lack of history with those franchises. These women however, ( in part thanks to the love Chris Claremont showed them over the years) were prepared for this.

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The Man of Steel: A Heart That Eclipses Darkness

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Man Of SteelThe Man of Steel: A Heart That Eclipses Darkness By Jerry W. Vandal

“My parents taught me to respect justice.”
“My parents killer was never brought to justice.”

Those are the opening lines from Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness’s World’s Finest (aka Superman/Batman). Those two lines became the nails upon which the narrative captions of Loeb’s run were hanged on. These two heroes see the world in a very different way, but both work for justice. Throughout the series there are dueling captions exploring the mindset of two individuals with the same goal but through dissimilar eyes. I can’t imagine many polls tough that would show Superman is a more favored than Batman. Reasons for that are aplenty. It could be that it’s easier to relate to a woundable human than a virtually impervious alien. It could be that society has turned towards loving heroes with an edge over the “boyscout”. Or maybe it’s just dark is cool.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy

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Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy: An Overbearing Father and a Tough as Nails Team
By Jerry W. Vandal

Story Tellers: Brian Michael Bendis, Steve McNiven, John Dell, and Justin Ponsor.

“Go Krutack Yourself,” Star-lord said defiantly to his father—King of the Spratax Planetary system. The opening scene between the king and prince sets up two things very quickly; Peter Quill, the Star-lord is a rugged playboy and he doesn’t think all that highly of his father. Now, I’m not up on Guardians at all. Outside of knowing of them I’ve never read an issue. I’d wager there are quite a few readers who are in the same boat and decided to pick up this book because it’s being done by Brian Bendis and Steve McNiven and that sounds like a great pairing, to see what one of next summer’s big comic book flicks is all about and/or there’s a talking raccoon in it who has a large krutacking gun and goes by Rocket Raccoon.  I’m assuming the usage of an alien language to guise the swearing is to give the book an edge and an attempt to play up the whole “these aren’t your average superheroes,” type thing. While its usage of the word throughout the book feels a little forced it doesn’t hinder what is a good read and could be a very good series.

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Shock Value Over Story: Uncanny X-Force #1 Review

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Uncanny X-Force #1

Uncanny X-Force #1

Shock Value Over Story: Uncanny X-Force #1 Review by Jerry W. Vandal

Story by: Sam Humphries
Pencils by: Ron Garney
Inks by: Danny Miki
Colors by: Marte Garcia with Israel Gonzalez

“The Avengers can go <expletive deleted> themselves,” Psylocke says as she and Storm ride through a restricted airway and are warned they don’t have permission from the Avengers.  Needless to say, despite the likes of Cannonball and Sunfire popping up in the pages of Avengers, Elizabeth Braddock will not be among the mutants lending Earth’s Mightiest a hand. And according to Wolverine, she may not be giving the X-Men (at least not on school grounds) a hand either. She’s angry, pensive, and irritable and in a place in her life where her mood dictates the Avengers aren’t the only ones who can go <expletive delete> themselves. She’s not looking to take anymore lives though. So where does that leave X-Force’s role in the X-Verse?

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Peter Parker No More: Review of Superior Spider-man #1

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Superior Spider-man #1

Superior Spider-man #1

Peter Parker No More

A Superior Spider-man, But an Inferior Parker

Review of Superior Spider-man #1
By Jerry W. Vandal

Story by: Dan Slott
Art by: Ryan Stegman
Colors by: Edgar Delgado


“Promise me you’ll keep them safe. Hm. That’s all I…ever…,” were Peter Parker’s last words as he died in the body of Dr. Otto Octavius. It’s an echoing statement that circles back to his failure to save his Uncle Ben—a lesson he learned when he failed to value the responsibility that came with power. More importantly, it circles back to what has made the character Marvel’s (and maybe the entire comic industry) most relatable, beloved character—the need to do more for those around him than himself.

That could explain the outcry from fans that ran into online photos of the ending to Amazing Spider-man #700 two weeks before its release and some of the death threats to writer Dan Slott that followed. That ending showed Otto Octavius, in the body of Peter Parker holding his own dying body with Parker stuck inside. As he was dying inside the body of his enemy, Peter managed to make Otto understand not only why he did the things he did as Spider-man, but made the villain decide to take a different path. Octavius would carry the burden and responsibility of being Spider-man. And Peter Parker, trapped in the body of a villain who almost destroyed the world died.

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Thunderbolts Issue 2 Review

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Thunderbolts #2Thunderbolts Issue 2 Review By Jerry W. Vandal

Bullets, Brawn and Bedlam
Written by Daniel Way
Pencils by Steve Dillon
Colors by Guru FX
Cover: Julian Totino Tedesco


“If you’re looking for options…you’re looking at the wrong guy,” Frank Castle stoically mouths off to Red Hulk after the crimson behemoth shrugs off the demand for him to release Venom with a simple , “or”.  It’s a statement that sums up the make-up of this team. Venom, Elektra, Deadpool, Punisher and Red Hulk aren’t together to like one another or get along. They’re a group of individuals put together to get a job done. And that job involves leaving a rather large amount of blood behind them to seep into ground.

“No longer will large-scale aggression be ignored, or hidden, or condoned—it will be met in kind… and with overwhelming force,” is how Red Hulk describes the violence that is about to occur on Kata Jaya (an island off the coast of Madripoor) to some of its officials. It’s a statement about what this book is about—that being screw diplomacy. If you’re a bad guy doing bad things to your people—the Thunderbolts are going to be a black and red storm of mayhem.

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All New X-Men Review

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All New X-Men

All New X-Men

All New X-Men Review : Where the Past Meets Its Future
By Jerry W. Vandal

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils: Stuart Immonen
Inks: Wade Von Grawbadger
Colorist: Marte Gracia

In 1963 Stan Lee and Jack Kirby brought to the world a group of individuals with uncanny abilities unlike any of the other heroes that would become stalwarts in the Marvel Universe. What differentiated these individuals was that their powers were not freak accidents. They were born with powers and abilities that made them something other than human—mutant. Charles Xavier recruited Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Robert Drake, Warren Worthington III and Henry McCoy to be his first students at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. Xavier’s goal was not only to teach these young mutants how to control their powers, but how to live in a world that would hate and fear their existence while also being examples of why those notions of hate and fear were not warranted. They became his X-Men.

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Avengers Vs X-Men Review

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Avengers Vs X-MenTHE MIGHTY VS THE UNCANNY: A Review of A vs X By Jerry W. Vandal


Following the announcement of Avengers vs X-Men, Marvel’s massive summer crossover was A vs X, a 6 issue mini-series designed to showcase some one on one fights between the Avengers and X-Men. Considering the sheer number of characters that have either been an X-man or an Avenger ( a shorter list would be who hasn’t been either), the possible fight combinations can not easily be calculated. It’s not necessarily a rarity to see two heroes fight one another though. In fact, if you consider the last six years, we’ve seen Civil War, pit hero vs hero in a battle of ideals. World War Hulk, pitted the Marvel Universe versus the Hulk and his allies. Fear Itself, where several heroes became part of the Worthy and ended up fighting their own friends. Schism, forced the X-men to choose which side of the future they were going to be on and now Avengers vs X-Men where Cyclops wasted no time in firing the first shot in the twelve issue epic on a trespassing Captain America. And, in a surprisingly intelligent decision by Marvel executives they decided to place some of those fights into their mini-series. This is in stark contrast to the fights in Fear Itself that pretty much called for readers to break from the story and grab another book if they really wanted to see what happened when Thor fought both Hulk and Thing. The fact that Fear Itself would stop in the middle of a fight and move into another scene was rather annoying, especially when the final page simply suggested you go grab another comic book. So kudos to Marvel for learning from their mistakes and in this years big event, devoting a book just to the fights and designing them in a way where you really don’t have to read them to keep up with the real story.

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The Power Of Conviction Man

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Luke Cage

Luke Cage

The Power Of Conviction Man by Jerry W. Vandal

NOTE: This was written in 2010 for Marvel’s Avengers Day which celebrated the relaunch of Avengers.

When Marvel announced that Brian Michael Bendis would be starting a new Avengers book entitled “New Avengers,” there was fear he would JLAize the Avengers team the way Grant Morrison had done in JLA in 1997. Longtime Avengers fans feared that the team would become solely comprised of the A-List stars of the Marvel Universe.

The original team, Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Ant-Man and Wasp featured a combination of Marvel’s big names paired with much lesser known heroes. This began a tradition in the Avengers of pairing Marvels mightiest with Marvels lower card heroes who have often encouraged a following (I’m looking at you Clint Barton. Welcome back by the way).

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Wonder Woman #10 Review

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Wonder Woman #10 Cover

Wonder Woman #10 Cover

Wonder Woman #10 Review by Jerry W. Vandal

Written by: Brian Azzarello
Art by: Kano, Tony Akins, and Dan Green
Colorist: Matthew Wilson
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher
Cover provided by: Cliff Chiang

When DC took a gamble by semi-restarting their universe they gave themselves an opportunity to bring in new readers with issue ones. It’s still amazing how slapping on #1 issue onto a book can get an increase in sales, but you get both the collector crowd and the I’m looking for a new book but don’t want to jump in during the middle of a story crowd. I’m not a big fan of starting back at issue 1. but I fell into their trap. I’ve been a Marvel man my entire, dabbling in a small handful of DC books. When handed the list of the new 52 I easily decided to try close to half of the books. Sadly I didn’t get in on one of the books that has really taken advantage of the DcnU—Wonder Woman.

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