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Marvel Comics San Diego Comic Con Schedule 2015

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Marvel Returns To San Diego For An Epic Comic-Con Panel Lineup!

New York, NY—July 2nd, 2015— The biggest convention of the year demands the biggest panels! That’s right, next week Marvel (Booth #2329) is heading back to Comic Con International in San Diego and we’re bringing the big panels, huge creators, and massive announcements! Over the course of the four day mega-event, we’re bringing the fan service that will make this year’s convention the place to be!

Want to get a sneak peek at the upcoming seasons of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Marvel’s Agent Carter? Want to get the inside scoop on the Marvel Universe after Secret Wars? All that and more await you at the world famous Marvel Panels! And that’s just the beginning! Trust us, True Believers, you won’t want to miss these action packed panels!

Please note all panel line-ups and times are subject to change.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comics – Free From Marvel

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Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comics Cover

Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comics Cover

(Official Hype From Marvel)


New York, NY—March 7, 2013—They’re protecting the Marvel Universe one alien invasion at a time, and TODAY get your first look at just who the Guardians of the Galaxy really are in all-new, FREE Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comics! Last year, Marvel changed how the world experienced digital comics with Infinite Comics, and today the Marvel ReEvolution continues as blockbuster writer Brian Michael Bendis and artists Mike Oeming, Ming Doyle & Mike Del Mundo, introduce fans to the cast of one of the biggest comic launches of the year! Representing the latest form of comic book storytelling using tablets and smartphones as a new canvas, each new Marvel Infinite Comic continues to take advantage of modern technology while staying true to medium’s greatest strengths!

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Make It So: Classic Marvel Animation on DVD

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X-MenMake it So: Classic Marvel Animation on DVD by Jerry Whitworth


Between the DC Comics Classic Collection and Warner Archive Collection, fans of classic DC Comics programs can have almost everything the company has produced for television on DVD for their collection. If you’re a fan of Marvel on the other hand, you’re not so fortunate. While Marvel has definitely become better about releasing older material such as the much sought after 1990s X-Men animated series, fans of their animated adaptations of yesteryear have eagerly awaited even more releases (unless you live in the United Kingdom, which has been pretty lucky with getting their fix). The while, Hasbro has made lucrative sales of DVDs for classic series like G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Transformers, and Jem, which was a collaborative effort with Marvel, so much so it would seem as we’ve seen DVD releases of Transformers seasons unaired in the US and of the DIC seasons of G.I. Joe. Lets take a look at some of the series Marvel fans eagerly await.

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Untold Tales of the Punisher Max #1 Review

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Untold Tales of Punisher MAX #1

Untold Tales of Punisher MAX #1

Untold Tales of the Punisher Max #1 Review by Derf

Writer: Jason Starr
Artist: Roland Boschi
Color: Dan Brown
48 Pages – Full Color

The Punisher is one of my favorite characters of all time.  That is why his books are some of the only titles that I get from Marvel.  The first time I was introduced to the Punisher was in the Amazing Spider-man vol. 1 #135.  When I saw this vigilante dressed in black with a large skull on his chest, I was immediately interested.

Let’s fast forward to 2012.  I just read the Untold Tales of the Punisher Max #1 and I was very impressed.  For those of you who do not follow Marvel, the Max titles are the ones with explicit content and are not suitable for minors.  Issue #1 tells the story of a man named Jimmy who is asked to kill someone to clear a debt he has with a loan shark.  If he doesn’t do it by midnight the next day they will come back and kill him.  The comic shows the anguish going through his mind and follows him throughout the 24 hours he was given.  Well, eventually his decisions lead to a meeting with the Punisher.  And for those of who know how the Punisher operates, you know that can’t be good.

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Save The Date—Marvel Announces Landmark X-Men Marriage

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Marvel Hype:

Save The Date—Marvel Announces Landmark X-Men Marriage
Northstar Proposes To His Longtime Boyfriend In Astonishing X-Men #50, on-sale tomorrow

Astonishing X-Men 50 Cover

Astonishing X-Men 50 Cover

New York NY—May 22nd, 2012— The X-Men, one of the world’s most popular super hero teams, have always been at the forefront of the biggest stories in comic history; and today is no different as Marvel is proud to announce the wedding that has everyone talking! Today, fans worldwide learned on ABC’s The View, that Jean-Paul Beaubier, AKA Northstar and a popular member of the X-Men, proposes to his boyfriend Kyle Jinadu in Astonishing X-Men #50, on-sale tomorrow in comic stores, on the Marvel Comics app and at the Marvel Digital Comics Shop.

The creative team of New York Times best-sellers Marjorie Liu (X-23¸ the urban fantasy Hunter Kiss series and the Dirk & Steele paranormal romances) and Mike Perkins (Stephen King’s The Stand) have put Northstar and Kyle’s relationship to the test—and now they’re about to take their biggest step yet. But will their path to wedded matrimony in New York City be smooth or are there hidden dangers around the corner?

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