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Top 10 Candidates for Webb’s Sinister Six

Posted by on Aug 24, 2013 in Comic Art News | 1 comment

Amazing Spider-Man 2Top 10: Candidates for Webb’s Sinister Six by Jerry Whitworth


With director Marc Webb teasing the Gentleman for the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man and introducing the Lizard, Electro, Rhino, and Norman Osborn in the series, it’s beginning to look like the film series plans to introduce the Sinister Six. It then follows that the third film will bring in more villains to round out the group which begs the question: who’s next? Lets take a look at some Spider-Man villains we could see crop up later in the series.


Venom10. VENOM


Among Spider-Man’s enemies, Venom ranks among the likes of the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and Hobgoblin in terms of notoriety. The villain is considered so viable that he was forced into Spider-Man 3 against the director’s wishes. Some believe that one of the reasons the film was received so poorly among viewers was because the character was shoehorned into a script that largely was meant for the Sandman. Eddie Brock was a journalist whose career was ruined when Spider-Man brought a serial killer to justice demonstrating Brock had lied in a piece he ran in the Daily Globe newspaper claiming to expose someone else as the murderer. When Brock contemplated suicide and went to a church to pray, Spider-Man’s black alien symbiote suit attached itself to the disgraced reporter giving birth to Venom, a villain with all of Spider-Man’s powers, aware of all of his secrets, and was immune to Spider-Man’s spider-sense. Venom would flip-flop between villain and anti-hero, at one point joining the Sinister Six. In the film series, much emphasis is placed on Oscorp’s exploration of cross-species genetics (these experiments giving birth to Spider-Man, Lizard, and Electro), so it’s likely should Venom be included in the film his origin may reflect how Spider-Man obtained his powers. As for his suit, rumor has it the Rhino in the series will be some sort of cyborg so it’s not outside the realm of possibility the film symbiote could be some sort of nanotechnology-based device. Likely the greatest knock against Venom’s appearance maybe his history with the last Spider-Man film series, either as avoiding reusing villains who have already made the transition to film or his appearance perceived heralding the demise of the Sam Raimi series.

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SPIDER-MEN #5 Review

Posted by on Sep 23, 2012 in Comic Art News | 0 comments

Spider-Men #5 Cover

Spider-Men #5 Cover

SPIDER-MEN #5 of 5 Review by Jamie Dunst

Brian Michael Bendis: Writer; Sara Pichelli: Artist; Justin Ponsor: Colorist; Cory Petit: Letterer; Jim Cheung & Justin Ponsor: Cover Artists; Sarah Pichelli, Rainier Beredo & Travis Charest: Variant Cover Artists

Okay folks.  Here’s the last issue of this series and it didn’t disappoint.  We start off with Mysterio gloating about his victory over Spider-Man.  He decides he needs to see for himself how much he defeated his foe and makes a portal which allows both Ultimate and Amazing Spider-Man along with Ultimate Nick Fury, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Thor to pay him a visit.  It looks like Mysterio is down for the count he does something to cause and explosion and then he infects all of the heroes so they can see their worst nightmare.  Peter Parker tells everyone to fight off the effects of the gas.  Miles Morales sees Mysterio trying to escape and he tackles him causing both Ultimate Spider-Man and Mysterio to get sucked into the 616 Universe.

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SPIDER-MEN #3 OF 5 Review

Posted by on Jul 11, 2012 in Comic Art News | 0 comments

Spider-Men #3

Spider-Men #3

SPIDER-MEN #3 OF 5 Review by Jamie Dunst

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Artist: Sara Pichelli; Colorist: Justin Ponsor; Letterer: Cory Petit; Cover Artists: Jimmy Cheung & Justin Ponsor; Variant Cover Artists Sarah Pichelli, Rainier Beredo, Terry and Rachel Dodson

So when last we left our Amazingly Ultimate Spider-Men, they were having a heart to hear talk when Mysterio shows up to cause some trouble.  The younger and less experienced Ultimate Spider-Man attacks first and gets tossed aside like the newbie he is.  The Amazing Spider-Man figures out that this is Mysterio and that this is Mysterio and it’s the same guy who brought him to this Universe in the first place but before Amazing Spider-Man can warn Ultimate Spider-Man, Mysterio makes a whole bunch of bad guys for our Spider-Men to fight whcih they do and eventually, Ultimate Spider-Man smacks Mysterio down.  However, the real Mysterio sets of a trigger blowing up what was in fact a decoy Mysterio and knocking out Ultimate Spider-Man.

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SPIDER-MEN #2 of 5 Review

Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Comic Art News | 2 comments

Spider-Men #2

Spider-Men #2

SPIDER-MEN #2 of 5 Review by Jamie Dunst

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Artist: Sara Pichelli; Colorist: Justin Ponsor; Letterer: Cory Petit; Cover Artist: Jimmy Cheung; Variant Cover Artists: Sara Pichelli, Justin Ponsor & Marcos Martin

So when we last left our 616 Peter Parker, he had just tangled with Mysterio which accidentally cause Peter to get teleported to the Ultimate Universe. It didn’t take long for Peter to have a run-in with Miles Morales who is the Ultimate Universe’s Spider-Man. After the obligatory hero vs hero fight we see Peter interact with the much cooler Ultimate Universe Nick Fury. (Peter’s words, not mine. I think 616 Nick Fury is awesome in his own right) We then have another pow wow between Peter and Miles which gets interrupted by the Mysterio avatar that we saw in the beginning of the issue and it looks like we’re going to get two Spider-Men teaming up to take on this guy. Sounds like fun.

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