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From Page to Screen: The Titans

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New Teen TitansFrom Page to Screen: The Titans by Jerry Whitworth


Recently, the pilot script for TNT’s upcoming television series The Titans based on DC Comics’ Teen Titans has reportedly been leaked. Likely the biggest reveal from this leak is the roster for the group which features a blend of the classic team with some more obscure characters and a familiar face from the Batman family. It should be noted, however, the cast may yet change for the series (especially considering actors are still yet being cast) but that seems unlikely considering TNT has rushed production of the series. Also, yet known is if the series will tie into the greater DC Television Universe (teased by CW president Mark Pedowitz) which already includes Arrow, Flash, and the upcoming animated Vixen series and rumor has it will include CBS’ upcoming Supergirl series. So, characters like Arsenal, Speedy, Kid Flash, and Supergirl could very well find their way to the series (not to mention villains like Deathstroke, Brother Blood, and Clock King). Until speculation becomes proved or disproved, however, lets look at what the series will start with.

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Top 10: Candidates for Titans

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TitansTop 10: Candidates for Titans by Jerry Whitworth


Announced earlier in the month, a series based on the Teen Titans is in development at TNT called Titans. Set to star Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, and other young heroes, the possible new show joins an evergrowing list of DC Comics properties adapted for television including Arrow, Gotham, The Flash, Constantine, iZombie, and SuperGirl while Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is coming to theaters. While already put to rest that the film and television universe will not intersect, discussion has already begun about crossing over the world of Arrow and The Flash with other series (including among those involved with the shows) as the door is open for the aforementioned shows finding their way into the DC Television Universe. Bruno Heller of Gotham has commented a possibility for the show to crossover with Arrow/Flash and/or Constantine, Greg Berlanti of Arrow/Flash is producing SuperGirl, and Mark Pedowitz of the CW said there was room for Arrow/Flash and Titans to align (CW and TNT both owned by Time Warner), for example. So, the possibility is good the likes of Arsenal, Speedy, Firestorm, and Kid Flash (as well as villains like Deathstroke, Brother Blood, and Clock King) finding their way to Titans. Perhaps the only unlikely Titan to emerge would be Cyborg who’s reportedly tied to the films. Putting aside those named already and those tied up elsewhere that could emerge, lets look at some candidates for Titans we might see appear.

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How I Would Have Done It: New 52 Batman

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Batman and RobinHow I Would Have Done It: New 52 Batman by Jerry Whitworth


Previously in “How I Would Have Done It”, we discussed DC Comics’ New 52 and how Superman could have been revised in a different way. It’s only natural to follow with Superman’s grim ally Batman, one of the most popular and recognizable heroes on Earth. The Caped Crusader of Gotham City, Batman was left relatively untouched by the new 52 changes save for Bruce Wayne’s great-grandfather being involved with a secret organization known as the Court of Owls and the Joker given a Leatherface-like remodel. Lets take a look at Batman and how I would’ve done it.

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NIGHTWING #15 Review

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NIGHTWING #15NIGHTWING #15 Review by Jamie Dunst

Kyle Higgins: Writer; Eddy Barrow; Artist; Eber Ferreira: Inks; Rod Reis; Colors; Carlos M. Mangual; Letters; Greg Capullo & FCO Plascencia: Cover

So, it’s Nightwing’s turn to get tormented by the Joker and holy cow, does he get it good from him in this issue. We start off with the Joker offing Jimmy the Clown and leaving him for the circus people and Dick Grayson to find Jimmy is discovered having ingested the Joker toxin so he looks like the Joker and he’s got a sign attached saying “Nobody likes a knockoff”. Realizing that none of the circus performers are safe, Dick has them all leave town for their own safety. However, Sonia Zucco decides to stay in town which Dick doesn’t like but can’t do anything about it and they wind up getting closer. However that’s all interrupted by the Joker.

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Top 5 by Jamie Dunst

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TOP 5 by Jamie Dunst

Who are your favorite superheroes?  Favorite artists?  Favorite ships?  Weapons?  Everyone makes top lists.  I remember reading the novel HIgh Fidelity and the characters of the book would make top 5 lists.  I listen to a podcast where they make top 5 lists and another podcast where they sometimes list the 5 top books they would keep in their pull list if they had to cut their reading pile to just 5 books.  I love top 5 lists because I think they make for great conversation starters.  I always wonder why someone would put comic book X in their list and why they didn’t have comic book Y.  I also feel it’s a great way to get to know a person’s interests and likes when it comes to these lists.  So, to start things off, I am going to begin with a top 5 list that I had just mentioned.  TOP 5 COMICS THAT I WOULD HAVE TO KEEP IN MY PULL LIST:

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Nightwing #0 Review

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NIGHTWING #0 Review by Jamie Dunst

Tom DeFalco & Kyle Higgins: Plot; Kyle Higgins: Dialogue; Eddy Barrow: Pencils; Eber Ferreira: Inks; Rob Reis: Colors; Carlos M. Mangual: Letters; Barrows & Ferreira: Cover

So this is an issue I’ve been waiting for.  Nightwing’s origin.  How was DC going to mess with the origin that I knew and love?  Thankfully, it wasn’t messed around with all that much.  We start off with Dick Grayson and circus friend Raymond are doing parkour when a security guard gets in the way.  Raymond flips over the security guard putting him in the way of the train.  Dick saves the guard only to get busted by him.  Later on we see Dick’s parents yelling at Dick for breaking the rules and ground him.  Dick does give his mom her birthday gift which is a bracelet with two robins on it.  She loves the gift but tells Dick that he is still grounded.  We then see the argument between Mr. Haly and Tony Zucco and of course the ultimate fate of Dick’s parents.  We see Bruce Wayne talking to Dick about what happened and then later on informs Lt. Gordon that he might be able to help place Dick someplace safe.

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NIGHTWING #12 Review

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NIGHTWING #12 Review by Jamie Dunst

Kyle Higgins: Writer; Andres Guinaldo: Pencils; Raul Fernandez & Mark Irwin: Inks; Rod Reis: Colors; Dezi Sienty: Letterers

Nightwing has figured out the mystery of Paragon but not before picking up a call on the police scanner that people who had been members of “The Republic of Tomorrow” had been killed. Nightwing makes it to the scene and confronts Detective Nie. Nightwing and Detective Nie know who was behind the double murder with Nightwing’s weapons and what Paragon plans to do next when who should show up for the party but Paragon himself. This whole scene was actually a set-up to get Nightwing into a one-on-one fight. Paragon destroys part of the sewer tunnels trapping the cops and the hero vs villain fight begins.

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Nightwing #10 Review

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Nightwing 10 Barrows Cover

Nightwing 10 Barrows Cover

Nightwing #10 Review by Jamie Dunst

Writer: Kyle Higgins; Pencils: Eddy Barrows & Geraldo Borges; Inks: Eber Ferreira & Roy José; Colors: Rod Reis; Letters: Carlos M. Mangual; Cover: Barrows, Ferreira & Reis; Assistant Editor: Katie Kubert; Editor: Brian Cunningham

So after two issues of the Court of Owls running in Nightwing, we now have a new story arc where Nightwing must figure out how his escrima sticks wound up at the crime scene of a double murder. At the same time, Dick Grayson is trying to start a new venture in Gotham by re-opening the Amusement Mile which according to Dick, was once the soul of the city. As usual, Dick doesn’t want to bother asking Bruce for money so who does he wind up talking to? Sonia Zucco, the daughter of the man who killed Dick’s parents. Awkward. So we see NIghtwing follow up on his investigation which leads him an abandoned clock tower and a new villain called Paragon. Everyone needs a good rogue in his gallery.

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