Nightwing #0 Review

NIGHTWING #0 Review by Jamie Dunst Tom DeFalco & Kyle Higgins: Plot; Kyle Higgins: Dialogue; Eddy Barrow: Pencils; Eber Ferreira: Inks; Rob Reis: Colors; Carlos M. Mangual: Letters; Barrows & Ferreira: Cover So this is an issue I’ve been waiting for.  Nightwing’s origin.  How was DC going to mess with the origin that I knew and love?  Thankfully, it wasn’t messed around with all that much.  We start off with...

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NIGHTWING #12 Review

NIGHTWING #12 Review by Jamie Dunst Kyle Higgins: Writer; Andres Guinaldo: Pencils; Raul Fernandez & Mark Irwin: Inks; Rod Reis: Colors; Dezi Sienty: Letterers Nightwing has figured out the mystery of Paragon but not before picking up a call on the police scanner that people who had been members of “The Republic of Tomorrow” had been killed. Nightwing makes it to the scene and confronts Detective Nie. Nightwing and...

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Nightwing #10 Review

Nightwing #10 Review by Jamie Dunst Writer: Kyle Higgins; Pencils: Eddy Barrows & Geraldo Borges; Inks: Eber Ferreira & Roy José; Colors: Rod Reis; Letters: Carlos M. Mangual; Cover: Barrows, Ferreira & Reis; Assistant Editor: Katie Kubert; Editor: Brian Cunningham So after two issues of the Court of Owls running in Nightwing, we now have a new story arc where Nightwing must figure out how his escrima sticks wound up at...

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