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Survivorland I Review

Survivorland I Review by Jerry Whitworth   Writer and Artist: Karibu; Editors: V. Leblanc & R. Dupuis; Pin-Up Artists: Nick Bradshaw, Kelly Tindall, Chris Campana, Polyna Kim, Miriam Gibson, Suzuran, Holly Ellingwood, Kelly Barrie, & Andre-Guy Landry   Lab technician Masato Kimura is hired at the medical research company Medifirm where, under Dr. Yamane, he investigated stem cell regeneration. However, Yamane used...

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Review: Al Rio Tribute Art Book – Volume One

Review: Al Rio Tribute Art Book – Volume One by Jerry Whitworth   Three years ago this month, the comic book industry lost one of its stars. On the short list of modern day “good girl art” masters, illustrator Al Rio passed away in January 2012 leaving behind a wife and three children. Following his loss, steps were taken to support his family in a tribute art book put together by Rio’s friends and...

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Review: Gotham TV Series “Pilot”

Review: Gotham – “Pilot” by Jerry Whitworth   In the new series Gotham, Detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is tasked with solving the murder of wealthy socialites Thomas and Martha Wayne against the backdrop of perhaps the most corrupt city in modern history. Of course, the series also provides a new version of the backstory of Batman (young Bruce Wayne portrayed by David Mazouz) introducing the evolution of...

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Wonderland #22 Review by Jessica Curtis

Wonderland #22 Review by Jessica Curtis Esquivel- Writer Miranda- Artwork Paciarotti-Color The story begins in the “Void” with Wonderland shaping itself as none other than James Franco. An unusual but perfect choice when you figure who Wonderland would chose to personify itself. Strangely enough the reader finds themselves drawn to the realization that Wonderland yearns for human companionship… even if that human...

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Helsing #1 Review by Jessica Curtis

GFT Helsing #1 – Cupcakes with Hades Grimm Fairy Tales Helsing #1 Review by Jessica Curtis Writer: Shand Artwork: Brescini Colors: Gamboa “It starts with an idea. A spark in the dark.” So begins the story of Liesel Van Helsing, Vampire Hunter. Hardly minor in talent or skill she is an inventor as much as she is a vampire hunter. Dressed in the ever fashionable steampunk style, her weapons are as much a fashion...

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