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GREEN LANTERN #14 Review by Jamie Dunst Writer: Geoff Johns; Penciler: Doug Mahnke; Inkers: Christian Alamy, Mark Irwin, Keith Champagne & Tom Nguyen; Colorists: Alex Sinclair & Tony Avina; Letterer: David Sharpe The issue begins with the Guardians going over what has transpired in previous issues and how their third army is fairing.  The first Lantern wonders why the Guardians are doing this and they explain that by having...

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GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #1 Review by Jamie Dunst Geoff Johns: Writer; Ethan Van Sciver: Artist; Hi-Fi: Colorist; Sal Sipriano: Letterer (main story) Geoff Johns: Writer; Peter Woods: Artist; Cam Smith: Inker; Tony Ruma: Colorist; Sal Sipriano: Letterer (The First Soldier) We begin this issue with the Guardians telling the reader how they have failed with their previous armies and how this third army will once and for all maintain order...

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GREEN LANTERN #12 Review by Jamie Dunst Geoff Johns: Writer; Renato Gueses & Jim Calafiore: Artists; Alex Sinclair: Colorist; Sal Cipriano: Letterers We start this issue with Hal and Sinestro facing off against Black Hand who is quickly knocked out by Hal but only for a short time while Hal tries to contact Carol in order to get some much needed assistance from another colored Lantern.  When that fails, Hal and Sinestro leave the...

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Green Lantern #11 Review

GREEN LANTERN #11 Review by Jamie Dunst Geoff Johns: Writer; Doug Mahnke: Artist; Christian Alamy: Inks: Keith Champagne, Tom Nguyen, Mark Irwin & Doug Mahnke; Colors: Tony Avina & Alex Sinclair; Letters: Sal Cipriano; Cover: Doug Mahnke, Christian Alamy & Alex Sinclair So with issue #11, we are starting up a new story with Black Hand and that always makes me happy.  We start off with Sinestro being released from the...

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