How I Would Have Done It: New 52 Beyond

How I Would Have Done It: New 52 Beyond by Jerry Whitworth   Having covered Superman, Batman, the Justice League, and Young Justice in previous editions of “How I Would Have Done It,” now it’s time to finish out the new 52. When a new Earth popped up following Flashpoint, it essentially merged the Earth most stories of the DC Universe took place upon with WildStorm and Vertigo folded into it (with, of course,...

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Creator Profile: John Ostrander

Creator Profile: John Ostrander by Jerry Whitworth   Be it his work on Suicide Squad and Star Wars or his original character GrimJack, John Ostrander is a legend in the comic book business producing some of the best character driven stories in the industry. Born in 1949 and raised in Chicago, Ostrander was brought up Catholic and actually spent a year studying to become a priest. Instead, he would go on to become an actor and...

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