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This weekend, Valiant is hitting the road for Phoenix Comicon 2013 – the signature pop culture experience of the Southwest! From Thursday, May 23rd to Sunday, May 26th at the Phoenix Convention Center, visit Valiant at booth #652 for a weekend packed with signings, panels, and exclusive giveaways! Stop by for a full selection of Valiant comics, trade paperbacks, hardcovers and merchandise – including convention-exclusive, double-sided...

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Valiant Entertainment Holiday Card

Valiant Entertainment Holiday Card From everyone at Valiant Entertainment, have a very merry holiday season and a Valiant New Year! We’ll see you in 2013!

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VALIANT Solicitations For OCTOBER 2012

VALIANT Solicitations For OCTOBER 2012 ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #3 Written by FRED VAN LENTE Art by CLAYTON HENRY Cover by ARTURO LOZZI Character Design Cover by DAVID AJA Fnord! Those email forwards Grandma sends you? ALL TRUE. Every lurid cover of every supermarket tabloid? ALL TRUE. That impossible-to-read GeoCities site rambling on about truthers, birthers and black ops alien greys working for the U.N.? ALL TRUE. The Sect has...

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Harbinger #2 and Bloodshot #1 Reviews

Reviews – Valiant Entertainment: 7/11/12 by Jerry Whitworth   HARBINGER #2 by Joshua Dysart (w) and Khari Evans (a)   Mister Tull’s strike force, members of the government agency Project Rising Spirit who hunt down Psiots, surrounds Peter Stanchek and his friends as the mental projection of Harada Toyo, the world’s most powerful psionic taking the form of a dog at present, looks on. Employing anti-Psiot...

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VALIANT Solicitations For September 2012

VALIANT Solicitations For SEPTEMBER 2012 X-O MANOWAR #5 Written by ROBERT VENDITTI Art by LEE GARBETT Cover by MICO SUAYAN Pullbox Exclusive Variant by PHILIP TAN Interlocking Variants by PATRICK ZIRCHER All new arc! X-O Manowar vs. Ninjak! Jump on board the smash hit series of the summer as two legends of the Valiant Universe collide for the first time! The X-O Manowar armor has fallen to Earth… and now the world’s most...

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