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Review: Al Rio Tribute Art Book – Volume One

Review: Al Rio Tribute Art Book – Volume One by Jerry Whitworth   Three years ago this month, the comic book industry lost one of its stars. On the short list of modern day “good girl art” masters, illustrator Al Rio passed away in January 2012 leaving behind a wife and three children. Following his loss, steps were taken to support his family in a tribute art book put together by Rio’s friends and...

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Wonder Woman ’77: From Screen to Page

Wonder Woman ’77: From Screen to Page by Jerry Whitworth   At the New York Comic Con, it was revealed a series was being developed by DC Comics based on the Wonder Woman television series that aired from 1975 to 1979 called Wonder Woman ’77. Undoubtedly in the same vein as Batman ’66 (based on the Batman television series that aired from 1966 to 1968), the series will be written by Marc Andreyko (Manhunter,...

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Top 10 Justice League Members

Top 10: Justice League Members by Jerry Whitworth   With filming beginning already on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the announcement of a Justice League film being produced directly afterward, a lot of focus has been placed on the super group in recent memory. The premier superhero team for DC Comics, the Justice League of America was a 1960s update of the 1940s Justice Society of America. Traditionally, the group is...

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Adam Hughes Interview from 2001

Blast from the past – 2001 – from the Adam Hughes Yahoo Group Files archive. HUGHES-FANS – THE ADAM HUGHES Q&A FAQ This document is a compilation of Adam Hughes’s answers to questions from members of the Hughes-Fans e-mail discussion group. Group Moderator: Royd Burgoyne Group Owner: Larry Dempsey FAQ compiled by: Jason Narvaez Last updated: July 20, 2001 PHOTOSHOP QUESTIONS: Q: What version of Photoshop do...

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A Tale of Light and Shadow: History of the World’s Finest

A Tale of Light and Shadow: History of the World’s Finest by Jerry Whitworth   Announced at San Diego Comic-Con International 2013, the sequel to the blockbuster Man of Steel film will feature the Dark Knight of Gotham City. Dubbed “Batman/Superman” by various outlets, few details have been released about the project save that much of the talent involved in the first film will return. Director Zack Snyder,...

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