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Wonderland #22 Review by Jessica Curtis

Wonderland #22 Review by Jessica Curtis Esquivel- Writer Miranda- Artwork Paciarotti-Color The story begins in the “Void” with Wonderland shaping itself as none other than James Franco. An unusual but perfect choice when you figure who Wonderland would chose to personify itself. Strangely enough the reader finds themselves drawn to the realization that Wonderland yearns for human companionship… even if that human...

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Helsing #1 Review by Jessica Curtis

GFT Helsing #1 – Cupcakes with Hades Grimm Fairy Tales Helsing #1 Review by Jessica Curtis Writer: Shand Artwork: Brescini Colors: Gamboa “It starts with an idea. A spark in the dark.” So begins the story of Liesel Van Helsing, Vampire Hunter. Hardly minor in talent or skill she is an inventor as much as she is a vampire hunter. Dressed in the ever fashionable steampunk style, her weapons are as much a fashion...

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Grimm Fairy Tales #96 Review

Grimm Fairy Tales #96 – A Tale by Fire and by Ice Reviewed by Jessica Curtis Writers: Spay and Glade Pencils: Osuna Colors: Aroujo The story starts off with Baba Yaga in deep contemplation and meditation as she makes every attempt to restore her second sight. It is in her meditation that she finds clarity and realizes that the future holds nothing more then a promise of darkness and fire. The fire that we find is Baba...

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Free Comic Book Day GFT – Age of Darkness Review

Free Comic Book Day GFT – Age of Darkness Review by┬áJessica Curtis Joe Brusha: Writer Sheldon Goh: Pencils Grostieta: Colors Free comic book day in Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales universe is a bonus for fans both new and old. The new readers are introduced to the series at the perfect time… right smack in the middle of the Age of Darkness storyline. Current fans will appreciate the fact that this freebie ties directly...

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Neverland: Age of Darkness Review

Taken With the Dark Review of Neverland: Age of Darkness by Jessica Curtis Story: Joe Brusha Writer: Dan Wickline Colors: Renato Guerra Pencils: Luca Claretti After defeating Pan and rescuing John and Michael from Neverland, Nathan Cross is struggling to adapt to a normal life with Wendy. Nothing is ever so easy when it comes to Cross and his special talents are soon taken on by the Realm Knights. During Cross’ speculation of...

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