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Lucha Underground Returns!

In the past, Comic Art Community has discussed the connection between comic books and wrestling and how the former has influenced the latter such as in Chikara (and what it could do for WWE, who has recently adopted a comic-like storyline with Arrow’s Stephen Amell, Stardust, and Neville) as well as how wrestling could be adapted for the DC multiverse. In the last year, a new, significant player has been added to the mix.

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Wrestlers in Space: Interview with Nathanael Hopkins-Smith

From the minds of Nathanael Hopkins-Smith (The Vagabond) and Francesco Chiappara (The Croods), Wrestlers in Space is a comic book being crowd funded on Kickstarter featuring four wrestlers (Commander Columbus, Rami Rasheed, and the Lobo Brothers) lost in space trying to find their way back home. Comic Art Community corresponded with Hopkins-Smith to discuss Wrestlers in Space which will see its Kickstarter campaign end on September 15, 2015.

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