Arena Comics Launches Superhero-schizophrenic Splitsville During HeroesCon 2012

Heroes Con 2012 Variant

Heroes Con 2012 Variant

For Immediate Release
Atlanta, GA, USA May 10, 2012

Arena Comics is launching their first exciting new title Splitsville at HeroesCon 2012 which is being held on June 21-23 2012 in the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC.

Written by Ben Fisher and penciled by Kevin Stokes, the first issue of Splitsville will be released in a beautiful special edition hardcover packed with extras, including sketches, pin-ups, and script samples. Don’t miss out on the book Broken Frontier calls “startlingly unique,” “razor-sharp” and “delightfully wicked!”

Splitsville is a 3 issue mini-series, which will sport a HeroesCon 30th Anniversary Variant cover, limited to 200 copies. Splitsville will be solicited via Diamond in months to come.

Words: Ben Fisher
Art: Kevin Stokes
Inks: Adam Markiewicz
Colors: Tony Washington

Splitsville Spread page

Splitsville Spread page

Stalwart is the world’s only superhero and his arch-nemesis, Master Mayhem, the only super-villain. What neither knows, however, is that they are the same man- two halves of a split personality. But their devious sidekicks know the truth – and have made millions exploiting the situation.

The system appears flawless… until a brash new super heroine unexpectedly arrives on the scene and publicly challenges the arrogant Stalwart to a not-so-friendly wager regarding Master Mayhem’s defeat. With the sidekicks’ elaborate con on the brink of total collapse, will anyone survive?

Splitsville is the first book to the released by Arena Comics.
Splitsville will be published in three issues, with each installment being a high-end hard cover filled with behind the scenes extras and concept sketches.

Other titles which will be solicited, will be Tiger Style (by Chris Walker, Kevin Stokes, John McGuire), Wellkeeper (by Derrick Fish), Hidden Worlds (by Ben Fisher and Kevin Stokes), Yazmin Khan’s Midsummer Night’s Bedtime Tales, Raptor (by Ayana “Jett” Blakk, John McGuire, Chris Walker). Story Previews can be found here

Advanced Reviews have already proven Arena Comics are certainly starting out strong!

“A delightfully wicked, slickly produced surprise from a brand new indie publisher, Arena Comics’ Splitsville is for aficionados of quality superhero comics everywhere and sets the bar high for this intriguing new company.” ~ Broken Frontier

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Splitsville Issue 01 Wraparound Cover

Splitsville Issue 01 Wraparound Cover



Arena Comics is an American publisher of genre-spanning comic books, magazines and novels.
The company was founded in 2012 and distances itself from its peers by adopting a European packaging style and aesthetic.
Most titles are printed in hardcover, often using non-traditional formats and sizes.

HEROES CONVENTION was founded in 1982 by Shelton Drum, owner of Charlotte’s Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find comics shop. Since then the convention has become famous for its comics-first and family-friendly atmosphere, where fans can mingle directly with professionals and exhibitors. Boasting an incredible guest list built mainly on reputation and goodwill, HeroesCon is known nationwide as a “must” on the summer schedule, drawing fans, exhibitors, and creators from every region of the country to the Charlotte Convention Center.