Batgirl #15

Batgirl #15

BATGIRL #15 Review by Jamie Dunst

Gail Simone: Writer; Daniel Sampere: Pencils; Vicente Cifuentes: Inks; Ulises Arredia: Colorist; Dave Sharpe: Letters; Ed Benes & Ulises Arredia: Cover

This issue starts off right where the last one left off with Batigrl facing off with the Joker with Barbara’s mom tied up and Joker proposing marriage to Batgirl. The confrontation between Joker and Batgirl gets pretty intense at times with some very good moments throughout the book. What I loved was that interspersed throughout the issue, you have a flashback with the Joker actually talking about his plan for something like this a Arkham Asylum doctor. The Joker talks to the Doctor about a few things but most important what he would do if he ever met a nine year old girl named Sasha which by coincidence, the good Doctor has such a daughter.

We see James Gordon Jr. realizing that he set up his sister a little too well. He tries to contact the Joker which doesn’t seem to go over to well and James finds himself realizing that he actually needs to help his sister by issue’s end. I loved the confrontation between Barbara and the Joker where at one point she goes off on him really goes to town on him beating him senseless. She of course realizes that the Joker is always one step ahead and Batgirl is forced to leave her mom behind and ends up at a church surrounded by a bunch of the Joker’s goons. What I found most chilling about this issue was the flashback dialogue between the Joker and the Arkham Asylum Doctor which is leaves us hanging and wanting answers. It’s chilling which is why we love the Joker so much. I’m very intrigued by this portion of the Death in the Family story and I can’t wait to see how it all ends.



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