Help The Flash RecoverHello everyone – this is Terry at Comic Art Community.

As many of you know, I’m a huge comics and art fan. I’ve been running this site for over 10 years and it’s always amazing to me to see so many great images coming out daily!
There are almost 55,000 images on the site! That’s a lot! And it takes up a lot of server space and uses a lot of bandwidth too.  I get a hosting bill every 6 months and it’s a doozy at over $2000. I try to sell as many ads as I can to pay for it but I have failed as an ad salesman.


I promise to keep bringing you new images and articles from the incredible Jerry Whitworth.

If you can help in other ways, I need you to: 

  1. Visit our advertisers! It’s easy to overlook banners but if you explore two or three each time you visit, it will show our advertisers you are interested in them and maybe you’ll find something cool too!
  2. Spread the word about the site. Use the social sharing tools located below every image to send to facebook, twitter or wherever you visit often!
  3. Upload images! I’m always looking for uploads of images shared for promotional use. I need fans of Top Cow, fans of Image, fans of Dark Horse and more to upload images of new and upcoming releases from these publishers!
  4. Send me something to sell to benefit the site! I have an active eBay page where I sell comics and art to help pay the bills. If you can donate a stack of comics or a piece of original art or *something* to me, please do! Email me for my address.
  5. Are you a writer? We could always use artist profiles, comic reviews, media reviews, etc. Jerry Whitworth is our main editor and is a great guy to work with. If your knowledge and writing ability are amazing, please talk to me about writing for us.

Thanks for being a fan! Let me know if you have any questions or want to connect with me.




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Some highlights I added today:

ADI GRANOV Iron Man #2 page 14

ADI GRANOV Iron Man #2 page 17

ADI GRANOV Iron Man #2 page 19

ADI GRANOV Iron Man #2 page 22

ADI GRANOV Iron Man #4 page 5

ADI GRANOV Iron Man #4 page 6