Fantastic Four #2

Fantastic Four #2

FANTASTIC FOUR #2 Review by Jamie Dunst

Matt Fraction: Writer; Mark Bagley: Penciler; Mark Farmer & Mark Morales: Inks; Paul Mounts with Wil Quintana; Colorists; VS’s Clayton Cowles: Letterer; Bagley, Farmer & Mounts: Cover

The issue starts off with Ben Grimm on Yancy St. yelling at the Yancy Street gang to protect their block while he’s gone or else. It was two pages long which totaled 9 panels and I loved every panel of it. It was kind of touching at points and I thought it was a good way to start this issue. The scene jumps to Reed and Scott Lang discussing the Fantastic Four’s current problem with their unstable molecules and the reasoning Reed wants to keep this problem a secret for now. While Scott doesn’t like it, he agrees. We then move over to Sue introducing Medussa to the Future Foundation. I liked how Medussa says to Sue that nobody bowed to her and the response Sue says that at least they stood still for almost a whole minute. I thought that was a cool scene. We then get a cool two page scene with She Hulk and Thing competitively are working out before getting summoned to a meeting

At the meeting we see the Fantastic Four with their replacements minus Johnny’s who seems to have forgotten to ask someone to replace him. Johnny asks his girlfriend Darla and shows her what it means to be a member of the FF by brining her into the past for a quick mission. The issue ends with the Future Foundation saying goodbye to the Fantastic Four, Franklin and Valeria as they take off in their ship and go off into time and space. The issue ends with Scott saying how their time as FF member won’t last long and they won’t even know the Fantastic Four is gone.

I loved this issue. It was great. There were so many great moments in this issue that made me remember why I had loved this team all those years ago. I loved the interaction between Thing and She Hulk and from those two pages, I wonder if there could ever be a possible relationship between the two characters. I think that would be fun. I loved how Thing got all excited piloting the ship and Franklin and Valeria are acting like children asking if they there yet. Fraction seems to get the characters and Bagely’s art is as always Fantastic. I see over-lapping with the FF series and I am assuming #2 of that series will have some of this in there and probably a bit more after the two hundred forty seconds that this replacement team are supposed to take over for the FF. I would imagine that starting with #3, the two books will split off into their own thing but as for this series, I think it’s one of the best things I’m reading and I can’t wait to see the Fantastic Four in time and space.


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