GREEN LANTERN #11 Review by Jamie Dunst

Geoff Johns: Writer; Doug Mahnke: Artist; Christian Alamy: Inks: Keith Champagne, Tom Nguyen, Mark Irwin & Doug Mahnke; Colors: Tony Avina & Alex Sinclair; Letters: Sal Cipriano; Cover: Doug Mahnke, Christian Alamy & Alex Sinclair

So with issue #11, we are starting up a new story with Black Hand and that always makes me happy.  We start off with Sinestro being released from the Indigo tribe.  We learn that Hal’s ring has been changed and it’s no longer bonded with Sinestro’s ring.  What does that mean?  It means that Hal can knock Sinestro on his butt.  This discovery is quickly put on hold to figure out what happened to Black Hand who in the previous issue leapt to his death and is now a Black Lantern again.  What do you think Mr. William “Black Hand” Hand does as a newly inducted Black Lantern?  He uses his power to resurrect his dead parents and brothers and have a family dinner.  Yeah.  Not too creepy.

Speaking of creepy, we see the Guardians trying to figure out where Sinestro is and what he’s doing and discovering that there is another Green Lantern with him.  They track him back to his own world of Korugar.  Hal and Sinestro make their way to what Hal calls Sinestro’s Bat-Cave where Sinestro has kept the Book of Black.  When Sinestro opens the book, we get a fairly interesting image of what I can only guess will be things to come.  Then suddenly Hal and Sinestro are teleported to Black Hand and his family dinner.  Hope you bought enough for everyone Black Hand.

This issue was great.  Plain and simple.  The art as always was gorgeous and the story just enhances that.  Geoff Johns really gets certain characters and understands their motivations.  I have loved the way he writes Sinestro and this book has really become a great buddy cop with Hal and Sinestro.  Their banter has become a highlight for me in this book and it’s just a joy to read.  The other character that I love in Geoff Johns writes is Black Hand.  He makes him incredibly creepy and in a good way and I can’t wait to see the battle between Black Hand and Hal and Sinestro.  Should be awesome.