GREEN LANTERN #12 Review by Jamie Dunst

Geoff Johns: Writer; Renato Gueses & Jim Calafiore: Artists; Alex Sinclair: Colorist; Sal Cipriano: Letterers

We start this issue with Hal and Sinestro facing off against Black Hand who is quickly knocked out by Hal but only for a short time while Hal tries to contact Carol in order to get some much needed assistance from another colored Lantern.  When that fails, Hal and Sinestro leave the house of William Hand only to walk into a scene from the Walking Dead.  Elsewhere, we see the Guardians giving us their narration what they feel is their failure after the events of Blackest Night.  We see how they set in motion the fall of all of the Lantern Corps including their own.  We even discover that Sinestro’s selection back into the Green Lantern Corps was actually part of the Guardian’s plans.  The Guardians have discovered the the secret world of the Indigo Tribe and soon their plans will come to fruition.

Back at Hershel’s Farm….I mean Black Hand’s house,  Hal and Sinestro seem to be able to just walk past the zombies because they are somehow linked to Black Hand who is still knocked out.  However, when Hal and Sinestro start to barbecue the zombies,Black Hand wakes up and has the zombies attack.  Hal and Sinestro do their best Michonne impression as they hack up the zombies.  Eventually they go to higher ground where Sinestro decides the best course of action is to retrieve his yellow lantern and using the power of their green rings, Hal and Sinestro set an explosion killing all of the zombies.  Black Hand is dazed but very concerned about something the Book of Black has shown him which is that Hal Jordan will be the greatest Black Lantern.

Well, that was a very good ending to the Black Hand story and sets up some really cool developments in the Annual that comes out in two weeks.  The Guardians are getting to the point where I just want to see them taken out.  They are evil and I’m really hoping that all of the Lantern Corps just take those blue suckers out.  Also, it seems that Hal Jordan’s days are numbered seeing as he’s destined to be the Greatest Black Lantern.  How many different rings has Hal now worn?  Green?  Check.  Blue?  Check.  Yellow?  Check.  Orange?  Check.   Red?  Check.  All he needs now is Indigo and Violet and he’ll have the whole collection.  As usual the writing was great and I enjoyed the art.  I can’t wait to see what happens in the Annual coming up soon.

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