GREEN LANTERN #14 Review by Jamie Dunst

Writer: Geoff Johns; Penciler: Doug Mahnke; Inkers: Christian Alamy, Mark Irwin, Keith Champagne & Tom Nguyen; Colorists: Alex Sinclair & Tony Avina; Letterer: David Sharpe

The issue begins with the Guardians going over what has transpired in previous issues and how their third army is fairing.  The first Lantern wonders why the Guardians are doing this and they explain that by having one voice in the Universe will finally bring order.  The first Lantern finds them interesting due to how much they have changed but the Guardians don’t care much about him and tell the first Lantern that he is only needed for a short time to power their third army and once they have completed their objective, he will be of no use to them anymore.

Elsewhere, Simon Baz and the Justice League are facing off.  At first, it seems that the whole situation can be reasoned and that calmer heads are prevailing,  Then, at the request of Batman, Simon tries to take off the ring and Sinestro constructs appear yelling at the Justice League not to touch the ring and we have…….high-speed chase.  Not what I expected but it does give us some good conversation between SImon and the Justice League. Once Simon gets away, he meets up with his sister.  They have a nice moment where she explains to Simon that she doesn’t blame him for what happened to her husband and she gets the address of the man whose van Simon stole and they depart.

Again, elsewhere we see the inprisoned Guardians who are still trapped in their chamber of shadows trying to figure out what their next move should be.  Meanwhile, Black Hand is now in the chamber and makes Regeal, the dead Guardian from the previous issue rise to he could tell Black Hand where he is and learns about the first Lantern.  We then see Hal and Sinestro trying to figure out where they are when they encounter a hooded individual who tells Sinestro he must pay for his crime.  What is his crime?  Tune in next issue to find out.

This issue was good.  I liked the confrontation between Simon and the Justice League was mostly because it was unlike other confrontations where no punches or attacks were made.  Actually, if it wasn’t for the ring doing it’s thing, I could have seen the Justice League helping Simon as he seemed very reasonable and level-headed which just adds to his overall characterization.  I’m at the point now where I like Simon and hope he stays around.  As for Hal and Sinestro?  I can’t wait for the next issue to see where the heck they are.