GREEN LANTERN CORPS #14 Review by Jamie Dunst

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi; Artist: Fernando Pasarin; Inker: Scott Hanna: Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb: Letterer: Dave Sharpe

The issue begins with Guy and his group trying to take on the third army. When the third army becomes too much for Guy and group and eventually Guy’s group of GLs are assimilated into the third army leaving Guy no choice but to retreat. Guy realizes that someone might be targeting his family and he takes them to a safe place with the Justice League until things settle down. What Guy doesn’t realize is that the Guardians are the ones who have the psycho on their leash to mess with Gardner in the first place. Elsewhere, Salaak and Kilowog are realizing that the Guardians may not be on the up and up as of late and Salaak has dispatched a Green Lantern to Earth to find Hal Jordan.

Meanwhile, we see a Star Sapphire getting a mission. We also see John Stewart on a mission to help the destroyed planet Lantern Mogo when we see that Star Sapphire and it’s Fatality. I’m looking forward to this team-up. Should be interesting. Back on OA, we see that the Guardians are blasting Guy for not retreating from the creatures that assimilated his team and for what happened on his mission to protect the ambassador’s ship. All aboard will killed. The Guardians make Guy resign from his post as Green Lantern in view of the rest of the Corps as an example to the rest. Guy does resign and the Guardians send him back to his garage where his motorcycle is.

This issue really highlighted how devious the Guardians are. They basically played Guy like a musical instrument and wound up breaking him in ways that are probably worse than just assimilating him into the third army. I am wondering at what point the rest of the Green Lanterns are going to figure out that the Guardians are not looking out for their best interest and what will happen when they decide to fight back. Can’t wait to see where this story goes.


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