Green Lantern Corps #15

Green Lantern Corps #15

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #15 Review by Jamie Dunst

Peter J. Tomasi: Writer; Fernando Pasarin: Penciller; Scott Hanna: Inker; Gabe Eltaeb: Colorist; Dave Sharpe: Letterer; Trevor McCarthy: Cover

This issue starts out pretty much where the last issue left off. Guy Garnder no longer a Green Lantern and I would assume in the garage of his house. As one would guess, Guy is pretty distraught over what happened. He was finally a bigwig in the Green Lantern Corps with his name in the book of OA and he’s visibly upset over the fact that he’s not longer wearing the ring. There is a six panel page showing Guy stripping off the GL costume and putting back on his leather jacket and motorcycle helmet which I really enjoyed. Also, in the previous three pages that totaled 12 panels total, 4 of them show that experimental Green Gauntlet that Guy once used before. Foreshadowing? I sure as hell hope so.

Elsewhere, we see John and Fatality talking about why Fatality is locked on to a piece of Mogo. They also talk about the past and it’s a nice moment and there seems to be even more foreshadowing with a possible romance between John and Fatality whose real name is Yrra. Not sure if that was ever mentioned before but it’s a nice little nugget of information that I’m sure Green Lantern fans will burn into their memory banks to try and stump each other later on. I do like that these two are on a mission to try and reform a planet. It seems very appropriate for John who destroyed two planets, one of which was Fatality’s. This should be a interesting team-up and considering the Zamarons are now working with the Guardians, I’ll be curious to see how these two fight the Third Army together.

Elsewhere, we see the Guardians looking at the carnage their new Third Army throughout the Universe. We see that Salaak is listening in to their conversation in horror. Suddenly, Ganthet realizes that someone is listening in on their conversation and Salaak is discovered and subdued fairly easily. Ganthet explains to Salaak that free-will is a cancer in the Universe and that it needs to be squashed. Salaak feels like a fool for so blindly following the Guardians and question the loyalty of the more free thinking Green Lanterns. The two page scene ends with trapping Salaak which was kind of weird to me. Why lock up Salaak instead of making him another member of the Third Army? I guess we’ll find out soon enough although I’m kind of glad Salaak is still alive albeit incarcerated.

Elsewhere we see Gerard and his father watching a football game when Guy calls to check in. Papa Gardner gives Guy a piece of his mind for interrupting his life and wasn’t impressed with the people with powers. Guy just wanted to check in to see that everything was okay and goes on to fight crime his way. Guy thinks he doesn’t need his badge or his power ring to do good so he goes on busting heads and getting information about crime in his city while pretending he still has his ring. All the information gets Guy into trouble though as he busts in on a major operation and it turns out that Guy actually took out a bunch of undercover Federal Agents and the end of the issue has Guy’s sister putting him under arrest. Well, let’s see Guy get himself out of this one. Not a bad issue. So far, I haven’t really seen much in the way of the Third Army although, I’m not reading Red Lanterns so there is that. Having said that, I liked this issue well enough. I feel bad for Guy and hope that he can get himself out of this pickle he now finds himself in and I know that green gauntlet will come into play at some point. Maybe next issue? Tune in.



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