Hakes Americana & CollectiblesHakes Auctions Open For Bidding

Since their inception in 1967, Hake’s Americana & Collectibles has been the source for Pop Culture collectibles and Americana artifacts. Their newest auction is now online and open for bidding at www.hakes.com.

The auction closes July 23-25.

As always, Hake’s strives to present the best in terms of selection when it comes to original comic art, an area that sees increasing interest with each new auction. In Hake’s last auction, they sold Jack Kirby’s original cover art for Fantastic Four #95 for a staggering $95,155.

 Some highlights this auction include –

• Two pieces of original art for Krazy Kat Sunday pages by creator George Herriman – dated to 1916 and 1928 respectively.

• Original Charles Schulz Peanuts daily strip art featuring an early appearance of Snoopy’s Joe Cool persona.

• Cover art to EC Comics Gunfighter #14 (the last issue before becoming Haunt Of Fear) by Johnny Craig.

George Perez Marvel Two-In-One cover art featuring The Fantastic Four’s Thing, Beast from The X-Men, Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man from The Avengers and Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D.

• Simon Bisley’s original cover painting for Swamp Thing #102.

• Original Shmoo (of Li’l Abner fame) art by Frank Frazetta.

Miss Muffet original painting by noted gothic fantasy artist Brom.

The original art section is loaded with many other highlights including a beautiful original pin-up painting by Rolf Armstrong, comic strip art, specialty art, comic book art, Disney production art and animation cels and much more.

Out of the more than 200 collecting categories in every Hake’s auction, some other sections of note include – action figures (including high grade Mego figures and Kenner Star Wars figures on cards), comic books of all sorts and a large selection of superhero collectibles including Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel, Green Hornet, Spider-Man and more.

Don’t miss out! Hake’s auction is now online and accepting bids at www.hakes.com. The auction closes July 23-25.