Hawkeye #6 CoverHAWKEYE #6 Review by Jamie Dunst

Matt Fraction: Writer; David Aja: Arist; Matt Hollingsworth: Colorist; Chris Eliopoulos: Letterer; David Aja: Cover

This issue is called “Six Nights in the Life of Hawkeye” and it’s basically what you get. We see Hawkeye dealing with all kinds of things from Thursday, December 13th to Wednesday, December 19th. During these 6 days, we see Clint deal with all kinds of things from having to unpack and decorate his apartment to untangling electronic wiring to fighting A.I.M agents and once again dealing with those annoying Russian mob guys who say “Bro” twice in every sentence. I love how the days are out of order so you can see the effect in one day and how Clint got there in the following page. It’s something that Matt Fraction uses in this book a lot and it really works here.

Hawkeye #6 PreviewI have more or less run out of ways to say this book is all kinds of awesome. I love Clint’s characterization in the book. Matt Fraction really seems to get the character and this is some of the best Hawkeye I’ve seen in quite awhile. I love the interactions he has with Tony Stark, Wolverine and Spider-Man. Also, I think this is the first issue we actually se Hawkeye in costume which has got to be some kind of record when it comes to superhero comics. The Russian Bro guys are getting on my nerves a bit and we will be seeing the interaction between them and Clint come to ahead in the next issue I would assume but this is what I don’t get. Clint is a card-carrying member of the Avengers. He could call the Hulk and Iron Man and this mess would be over and done with but then again, how much fun would that be? I’m curious to see how Clint deals with this gang’s latest threat that he move out of his building or harm will come to his neighbors and as always, I look forward to the next issue.