Heroes Con 2013 Art Auction Walk-through

Here is a video I shot while walking through the Art Auction display at Heroes Con this year. In some spots the line stopped me and at other spots it was rushing me on. So every piece may not have the face-time it deserves.  PLUS I missed a few pieces. This is not all there was. I didn’t get the Batman/Predator piece by Suydam that was in front of the stage and probably more than a few of the final pieces that hadn’t been hung up yet.

The video has no sound to keep the comments made around me private. Play your favorite music in the background instead.

It’s over 9 minutes but worth the time to see all of the great art. The video is in high definition so if you view it at full size it will probably look good. The light in the room was pretty dim so it may not be the best video quality – but I tried!