Age Of Darkness #1Taken With the Dark

Review of Neverland: Age of Darkness by Jessica Curtis

Story: Joe Brusha
Writer: Dan Wickline
Colors: Renato Guerra
Pencils: Luca Claretti

After defeating Pan and rescuing John and Michael from Neverland, Nathan Cross is struggling to adapt to a normal life with Wendy. Nothing is ever so easy when it comes to Cross and his special talents are soon taken on by the Realm Knights. During Cross’ speculation of his life and the changes since he left Neverland you cannot help but get pulled into the story and the absolute irony of it. While Cross is grateful that his life hasn’t ‘gone down the drain’ a team of soldiers are down in the sewers investigating a portal that has suddenly appeared.

Age Of Darkness previewThe team doesn’t last long. One by one they are picked off by an unknown creature within the darkness until no one is left and Nathan is called in to investigate. Enter the Queen of Darkness who is in working with Neverland to transport unknown packages through the portal. What it can be is anyone’s guess but mine is that it will not be good.

We are left with the cliffhanger of Nathan Cross and his team surrounded by the darkness with no means of escape. There are only so many options after all that can be taken. Of course based on the preview for the next book Nathan and Wendy will end up back in Neverland. How that is going to pan out for them is anyone’s guess, but in this Age of Darkness it’s bound to be action packed, gritty, and filled with beautiful women.

Age of Darkness is a new must read series on my list. I enjoyed the sarcastic exchange of comments between Wendy and Cross, especially when it comes to the argument about Nathan’s coworkers.

Age Of Darkness preview “And why are you the only guy on a team full of supermodels? Everyone one of them is built like a Barbie with their clothes painted on!”

A possible quip and jab in response to negative comments of how women are depicted in Neverland? I’d like to think so. No worries, Zenescope can keep doing what they’re doing without any protest from this woman.